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  1. If you need the crew vaccinated anyway seems like test cruises will add time onto getting sailings going. Unless the lines want to test out their own processes it seems like they would vaccinate and go.....
  2. Captain Johnny just tweeted that he is on the 1st of 3 flights heading back to Miami to join the Harmony of the Seas.
  3. Friend of ours has a contract starting 11 June on Mariner.... now lets see if it remains that way but does support the theory that Mariner will be one of the first ones out.
  4. Just heard from a friend who got a contract on the Mariner mid June.
  5. Thank you Ken! Can I L&S a New Year cruise to Christmas (or Christmas to New Year)? I thought it was a one for one.. Christmas to Christmas or New Year to New Year. That may open up some options for us! Really appreciate all of your knowledge and willingness to share.
  6. Thank you for the information! Is the allowable list published anywhere? That may help us figure out what our options are.
  7. Has anyone had any luck doing a lift and shift from a 7 day to a 9 day? Currently booked on Oasis for New Year 2020 but would like to shift it to New Year 2021. Not thrilled with any 7 day option for 2021 (would have to fly either before Christmas or on Christmas Day) and would like to shift to the Allure departing on 12/30 but its a 9 day. Wondering if anyone has had luck with something like this? Thank you!
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