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  1. Meraviglia made it on January 25 sorry
  2. Metabolism made it on January 25
  3. My kids 13and 17 . Preferred Sonor but also enjoyed Viaggio.
  4. There is only one US outlet but plenty of European outlets. Amazon sells converters pretty cheap.
  5. Plenty of outlets but they are European. We had some converters that we got on Amazon and they worked fine!
  6. On the Seaside we purchased the pass at the arcade/bowling/f1 area. Have to go there to sign waivers for water slides and Zip line anyway. Cost is $100 but you receive credit of $180.(80 free)
  7. Yes, no one ever asked who was participating in activity, just scanned my daughter's seapass (where they put the funpass value).
  8. Set amount. On Seaside we were able to get $180 of "funpass" credit on the account for $100. The kids did many of the pay activities and still had credit left on card.
  9. Bowling was a cost for a lane for 30 or 60 minutes so as many as four can play. Video games like airhockey and the motorcycle game were included but not the "claw" games. I hope this helps!
  10. Hi we used the funpass on the Seaside, they loaded the entire value onto my daughter's keycard. She needed to be there when it was used but it was for all of us and we could zip line or bowl or use F1 simulator or 5d movies as many times as we wanted as the value is on the card as "cash". The list of included activities is clearly posted in activity area.
  11. Not to hijack this post but can you tell me what room you are in? We are booked in an Aurea suite number 12010 forward with hot tub and would love pictures if you're in the same type. Thanks
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