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  1. I wouldn't count on it, despite cruise lines chomping at the bit eager to sail.
  2. They are different. And I for one support the OP in both.
  3. What a lousy cruise you received! Can't blame you for being upset.
  4. Others are right, NCL would raise the price and then give you a sale of the century. That's how it works.
  5. Is there a way to see the itineraries with port hours simply listed without clicking through all that day 1 day 2 etc?
  6. To remove and give the cash equivalents to the servers will be my plan going forward.
  7. Some cards won't give you any rewards not even the base 1% because gift cards are considered cash equivalents and they have it in their fine prints that cash equivalents don't qualify for any rewards. Some Amex cards are like that.
  8. May 11 goes to St George first and then Hamilton, the only one doing it in that order. There is no easy way on Royal's site to see itineraries. You are better off going on a TA site. Royal's site is most likely written by the same idiots who did the software for 747 Max.
  9. It has Diamond events but no real Diamond lounge.
  10. It's the best port situated to visit Chichen Itza.
  11. Book excursions in Belize and you will be fine. As for Mo Bay you can make it an easy beach day.
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