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  1. sailed on the Magellan on around Britain cruise.... the noisiest ship I have ever been on, could barley sleep with the noise, went to the desk and they just shrug there shoulders.... the entertainment must be the biggest joke, think they've just hauled a couple of singers out of a workman mans club, couldn't sing in tune one bit, the karaoke sounded better, that was the best bit of the cruise because it was so funny.... even in the main theatre was a bit of a joke.. with there 1970s comedians and magicians,,, must have been going cheap.......on to the staff, the head barman in Sinatras was incredibly rude on several occasions, the waiters seemed to go out there way to avoid you at times...... into the buffet now, if you like bread and butter pudding, that's great, because that was the only hot dessert the whole cruise, same with pork, that's all the seem to cook, just in a different sauce, I actually dreaded meal times... a couple of time I saw the staff playing on there phone instead of clearing tables.... not only that, but its very hard to get a smile out of half of them..... going offshore was ok, but days at sea were the most boring days you will ever have, the entertainment was laughable.... table tennis tournament for a clientele of basically over 80s..... onto the drinks package now.... my wife brought on a letter from her Dr that basically said due to heath reasons she cannot drink alcohol, the staff at the desk looked at it and said nothing they can do, you must buy two alcohol packages for your cabin or none at all.... believe me there is more that went wrong, but I can't remember everything.... I can honestly say, the day we sailed back into Tilbury was the best day of the cruise.... as the title says..... sorry Cruise and Maritime.... never again
  2. Anybody sailed this year, and can tell me who the entertainers in the two lounges are, was Doug and Arlene and some Irish singer last year, just curious to know who's on this year before we go on in two weeks
  3. would phone Cruise and Maratime but its closed on a Sunday.... anyway it was just to to confirm a query.... if i buy the premium package, that will include all tips and gratuities, so no nasty bill at the end... also, a ten day cruise you will only pay for nine days... every 7th day free... am i reading this right.... sorry if its glaringly obvious... but i was out last night and not 100% fit :cool:
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