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  1. I can offer some port information, Boarding in Copenhagen, we are on our own, When we were there this ship was within walking distance to the little mermaid statue Tivoli gardens is an amusement park that opened in the 1840s, We walked around Christiansborg palace . We didn't go to Christianshavn we saw it and was very crowded Kiel is about 90 minutes from Hamburg The ship has an excursion called Hamburg highlights and one place it goes to is miniature world. We went there on our own and we were there for 2.5 hours and felt like we could have stayed longer. Hamburg Dungeon is next door in the warehouse district and you can view the Hamburg opera house from there too. Hamburg has a lot to offer we stayed there three days for: Hamburg Cruise Days" Never been to Gothenburg. Oslo, We docked next to Akershus castle built in 1290. one of the people we were with booked a private guide and it cost us less than $20 dollars to tour. Within walking distance is Oslo city hall which has some nice murals in and is in a shopping area. We toured the Viking ship museum and KonTiki museum. Zeebrugge and Rotterdam are huge working ports and docks are far away from sites you will need a plan if on your own. In Zeebrugge, Bruges is close and is a fun. This last time we went to Brussels and loved the city I would do everything on the Ships tour. Must see for us was the Atomium, and the area around maniken pis and the Hague. Rotterdam Is a large city we went to Delft where the blue tile comes from but is a big college town and then toured the city which has tier to our home town. Rotterdam has interesting cubic houses that are crooked three floor structures and a large food hall is across the street. Others we know went to Amsterdam but the didn't enjoy the long bus trip. Speaking of long rides Paris is at least 2.5 hrs from Le Harve. We went to Honfleur a small old town and had a Calvados tasting at a distillery. Sorry to go on so long hope this gives people some ideas you can do online searches of the places I mentioned.
  2. We were on Preziosa from Sept 15th to 22nd and thought our on board Yacht Club experience was wonderful a 9.5 out of 10. All the ships staff were very accommodating So much that we booked a Baltic cruise on board.. We stayed in Hamburg for three days for an event called " Hamburg Cruise days". We did our research before leaving and did notice the major sites were quite far from the ship, but having vacationed in London, Paris and Amsterdam in the past we opted for excursions for the smaller close towns instead. At Le Have we went to Honfleur we toured the town and went to a distillery where they make calvados At South Hampton we went to Winchester and Wolvesey castle We did the day tour of Brussels which was an hour plus bus ride from port but the city was amazing At Rotterdam we went to Delft and The Hague during the day and an evening tour of Rotterdam itself. Sure some things on cruises are expensive but I booked on line before and paid in US dollars not euros. Also to compare we paid $16.50 each for the standard internet package for two devices, our upcoming Celebrity cruise is offering a 10% discount for a single device for $212.80.
  3. We will probably stay in Copenhagen for a day or two. We've been to Copenhagen ,Oslo,, Paris and Southampton [London] before and in Sept, we are on another Cruise out of Hamburg, so by the time of this cruise the only new port will be Gothenburg. Most crusielines use the same tour operators so you can search on line for city tours for each stop to see what might become available.
  4. We booked an Edge sailing when they first came available. We are both 60 with over 20 Cruises mostly on Celebrity. We booked a Sunset Veranda and except for some lighting technology it was like any other aft cabin on any other fleet. As a ship it is amazing for its innovations, but we wont be back. If this is the direction Celebrity is going fleet wise, Its not for us anymore.
  5. Thanks for the link to the Meet and Mingle, we signed up. We are on a cruise with another line this Sept that is going to some of these ports. I'm hoping Carnival could put together an excursion for the American beaches in Le Havre
  6. If you declare it in US customs you may have to pay taxes on it.
  7. Yes , He told me at fist he would have to call them. Then after a few days, the weekend, he emailed me back with the new balance. This way for a YC booking as well.
  8. We did this cruise last month out of Genoa. You will love it. Check the MSC site for your cruise the Rabat, Mosta and Mdina City tour was part of a three port package price that was discounted. Try and see if you can watch the ship sailing into port that morning . Its indescribable, I couldn't move. The layers of history and culture are right in front of you. Also when the ship is in port look for all the houses next to the dock with painted doors and balconies. Its a great picture from the ship. One thing to be aware of, before you go to Mdina they took us to a glass factory. You can see glass being blown in the factory but its connected to a large sales room with signs that say you break it you bought it.
  9. We booked Viking Bordeaux to Bordeaux in the Fall. MSC Preziosa ocean Northern Europe out of Hamburg in Sept, and Celebrity Edge ocean out of Miami in three weeks
  10. Our price stayed the same. I had my TA do it for me and I compared the original quote and then with the voyagers discount and the 10% off. When we decided on this cruise we talked about booking with an on line company that would give us $200 OBC or an agent we used in the past with $150 OBC. We decided to go with the agent we new because if something came up we could call him and he would handle it. It really payed off using him.
  11. Called my TA and he applied the code to an existing YC sailing save us $632.
  12. We booked this on the first day it was available. We usually book an aft cabin but this time we have an extended forward cabin. I see they just announced that Emeril will have a restaurant on board.
  13. I did have this app on my phone for our Danube cruise in November but I didn't use the audio guide part. Each Audio guide section has a fee, and our ship, The Amacerto had an GPS located section that streamed to the Quietvox free of charge. The Cruise director also gave a narrative over the ships intercom.
  14. We Did the Danube AmaCerto cruise on the 10th of Nov. and thought It worked out well for us. I booked with free air and tried to extend a day in Budapest but was told that I would loose the free air, So we were very happy to go to the Hotel at 1:00pm and then learn it was a block away from the Christmas market where we spent hours. We would have missed it if we had sailed. The bus rides to Bratislava and them Vienna were long but we had great guides along the way and the cruise director came along and swapped busses to stay in touch with everyone. Once we were sailing the cruise went great. Sailing on the Danube was wonderful. Later my wife felt a little ill and the cruise director called a Doctor in Linz who prescribed medication. The cruise director rode a bike to the Pharmacy to bring back the medication which helped out. She began to feel better right away and was again enjoying the cruise. Nuremberg was hit and miss. We were bused to a hotel after our tour but gave us more time to see the city and shopping. The dinner Ama planned for us started out terrible. We inherited some other cruise director and he was a dope. He told one of our dining companions he could only have one coke until we spoke up and said if we were on the ship you wouldn't say that. After that thing changed but most people left by then. If I'd have known we would have had dinner on uour own. We thought the cruise went ok, there were some low point including the water but last week. I received an email from my travel agent. Ama as an act of goodwill had given us a 45% refund for a future cruise. We are very happy with this. It was totally unexpected.
  15. We've been watching the events of this thread. We leave Friday for Budapest hopefully on the Amacerto.
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