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  1. The internet speed really depends on the system, the region of the world you are cruising and the time of the day - and not only because there are peak times with too many people surfing. (Especially on cruises with many Elite members you'll have a lot of internet users.) Don't want to get into the technical details how internet on cruises or planes work, but it's too easy (and probably wrong) to say that the internet on one ship is better/worse than on another.
  2. VPNs are blocked. Can't tell how they technically enforce the restrictions in the surf package because I always have used my free minutes or had the unlimited package. But if your planning to use VoIP or stream videos, you probably can't work around the restrictions in the cheaper package.
  3. Exactly. I'll do it every time. As soon you arrive on board, you will have instructions in your room how to log in.
  4. Thanks! (Actually I drink less when it's unlimited because I don't feel the need to get a fixed amount of drinks ;))
  5. Does Royal Caribbean still limit the cocktail hour to 3 drinks? (Asking because Celebrity changed it this year again and you can have unlimited drinks during the cocktail hour.)
  6. Yes, the corner FV cabins are really amazing and better than any CC cabin. Was no easy decision, but I couldn't have changed without cancellation and losing some money. (Also I wouldn't make it Elite plus next cruise, but maybe a stupid reason.) But well, I'm traveling alone, so a family cabin with this huge balcony would be awesome but not really necessary 😉
  7. Thanks! Do you know if there is also enough sun when the aft is pointing north (so while cruising south)? PS: There is also one corner FV available for my cruise. This cabin has an awesome balcony, but want to stay in concierge class.
  8. Thanks everyone for sharing opinions. Right now I'm booked on 6144 for the next suez canal cruise (Civitavecchia to Dubai) and thinking of changing the cabin now. (My last aft experience on Eclipse was awesome.) Can you tell me if the afts have enough sun on that route? (They should point to the north for a big part of the trip.) Thanks!
  9. I always use the "single device" package with multiple devices (by switching the device). You really just need a multi device package, if you are multiple people that want to be online at the same time. And let me say that the internet on Eclipse worked excellent. The connection and speed was good and constant. For me it worked better than the cruises before on other S-class ships.
  10. Never heard something like this. If you have your booking reference, you can check-in online without your travel agent.
  11. I always pick Concierge Class if possible even most people don't see the big benefits. But in your situation I would prefer staying in one cabin for both cruises. Yes, the stateroom attendant helps you making the cabin change as smooth as possible, but you still have some work with a cabin change. Maybe you should consider upgrading both legs?
  12. For the regular check-in location check this thread: Probably Celebrity will go back to that pier?!
  13. Yes, you (=your stateroom attendant) can do this. But I think this is possible for all balcony cabins (on S class ships) because all the separations can be folded.
  14. In my opinion the embarkation in BA is a torture because you have to wait for multiple times for a longer time (seated waiting for security screening if not Suite/Zenith, a very long line for the check-in if not Concierge/Suite/Zenith, quite long lines for the border control, bus transfer to the ship). But the disembarkation in BA worked quite efficient.
  15. The prices went up because of the high demand. Remember the years of the economic crisis (2009+) where there was a reduced demand and cruising was very cheap. Personally I wouldn't pay >400 USD per night for a simple veranda cabin on Celebrity and prefer a different vacation for that price. But many people don't care 🙂
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