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  1. Seaside class overload in the western med!!!!!!!!
  2. That's the only reason and frustration plus disappointment to one side ...who wants to visit something that is less than its goal and eventual best! I'm sure once father time has allowed the location will be every bit all that it promised.
  3. I repeat, with no disrespect or pain to anyone ...Did you really expect it to open on time, or even the early revised times? This stuff just never works and it won't open on 5th December either! To be advised is disappointing, but to be told in advance over being on board is to be respected.
  4. Agreed. And this region should be avoided too in November ...unless you are not going to moan about the weather after the event!
  5. Been following on FB too this morning whilst travelling! It's not ideal and I get the frustration, but some of them slating MSC got my goat and I couldn't hold back! It's the weather, you can't buy it, change it or communicate with It! Safety must come first Massive new investment by the line that to date has generated no revenue But you're talking about a sailing from a UK container port (still don't understand why lines use UK ports) in November with two days sailing in notorious waters even in Summer! Why not be expecting the worse, why book flights home the dame day! It's opinionated but I think some took a punt on a cheap sailing to discover a new ship and now want glitz glamour and A-Grade weather to complete the picture. Why sail in mid-November from Southampton 😠
  6. Still say early 2020 personally and subject to any weather issues pending
  7. Welcome home! Was only able to follow your roving reporting whilst away in the States in part, dueto being so hectic, but it looked and sounded greatπŸ‘ Hope the reality of home or more to the point the loss of the ship is not to shocking and the weather is going to get worse of course πŸ˜… Great to know you both had fun.
  8. Just returned to read this thread... Is anyone really shocked? When do things like this ever open on time? Particularly in the leisure industry! Yes it's a shame and I'm not undermining anyones disappointment but it's why you wait if this element is critical. Be 2020 when this is fully up, running and operational to an acceptable and enjoyable level. See you then!
  9. Next sailing so been watching with great interest! Thought the setting and the ceremony were excellent and the ship is majestic...πŸ‘Œ
  10. Why ill never sail out of Southampton en route to the Med. In a word YES! Fingers crossed
  11. Blue Lagoon πŸ‘Œ Agree regarding opening times, on Seaview this year the sports bar opened about 5pm too.
  12. However you dress this up it will be cool/cold! Especially at sea β›„
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