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  1. squierjosh you can definitely do that. It just may take longer than you expect to get on & off the ship. Also consider "holding your place" on the beach maybe difficult too. We ate a big breakfast, got off the ship early & carried a few snacks with us (protein bars, etc) We really like this port for an easy beach day!
  2. Thanks HangryGirl. I really wondered if it was possible to just go under the pier. When we were in GT last October there was no activity going on in / around that industrial pier. We set up for the day right in front of Jack's Shack so the pier was close by but there was a big STOP sign on the beach. No stop signs in the water though :)
  3. The 2nd email address is not attached to a google account. Try kcrldr at gmail dot com. Thank you.
  4. Silly me entered the wrong @ email server. It should be lorisotheremail at netzero.com
  5. Greetings! Could you send my a copy of your tour? lorisotheremail at gmail Thanks!
  6. As a part of the Carnival Breeze 10/5 sailing, we will be in Amber Cove on Mon, Oct 7 and Grand Turk on Thu, Oct 10. There are 2 places at these ports that have really piqued my interest. 1) Amber Cove: If you are on Google Maps there is an overlook called Mirador Senator Puerto Plata. Google Maps says it is only a 10 min walk from the cruise port, which I believe is a bit underestimated. There seems to be a walking path that runs along the shoreline, as seen in several photos. Has anyone walked to this overlook? Google map Amber cove cruise terminal to Mirador Senator Puerto Plat
  7. Did you not like the Carnival pool area? We are thinking about doing this for our Oct 5 cruise. We have done the waterfalls and are not really interested in other excursions at this time. We will have a beach day at Grand Turk so we were looking forward to checking out the Zipline at the pool area. Was there a way to walk to this beach without a taxi?
  8. We signed up for the 27 waterfalls in October 2018. On the day of our excursion, because of low rainfall, our 27 waterfalls was reduced to 12 and we received a refund of the difference within 24 of our tour date. The guides were great, the ride to the Waterfalls (which is a part of a National Park) was on a "Greyhound" type bus. There are lockers for rent at the start/end point and bathrooms were clean and basic. The lunch served was fine and filling. The hike was steep but so worth it. They do take rest breaks and provide water a long the way. The guides were good & entertaining on the ri
  9. @BAYA I like the boat from Saint John's NB! We cruised to Roatan one fall and purchased fish ornaments from The Rusty Fish. The store has a neat story & the fish were made from recycled metal. They do not look Christmas-y at all but the memories are there. And unique area-specific t-shirts are always fun! @cruiserdru We think alike! I am really picky about my ornaments. I have done the key chain ornament several times! I even used a girls' hair clip of 4 little Muñeca quitapena (worry dolls) from Mexico because I wanted something authentic & memorable from our trip.
  10. Hubby & I will be on RC Adventure of the Seas July 6, ports Bar Harbor, ME, Halifax & Saint John, NB. I usually collect Christmas ornaments. I would love to know other items people have enjoyed as mementos of their cruise. Also, if you are an Christmas ornament collector like me, share store or locations to shop! Thank you!
  11. Peggy's Cove is not walkable from the Halifax port. It will require some sort of transportation to get there.
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