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  1. I highly recommend Free Tours by Foot. Yes, the tours really are free. We have lived about an hour north of Boston for over 35 years. Three years ago we had friends visiting from Australia so we booked the North End tour. It was fabulous! Even we learned a lot. We gave our guide a gratuity because he was that good. We've since booked Free Tours by Foot in other cities and we've enjoyed them all.
  2. We use Get It Right brand silicone straws at home. I stand them in the utensil holder in my dishwasher. They always come out clean and not smelly at all. That said, I would not bring them on a cruise because I'd hate to lose them.
  3. Yes, Muster is still outside on Splendor.
  4. Since you purchased FTTF, you can go to the port to check in earlier. Most of our ports opened doors at 10:30, so we usually arrive around 10:00.
  5. Specifically which cabins? I can look them up for you.
  6. No, they do not. The walls of the cove balconies are metal from floor to ceiling.
  7. The aft pools on Dream and Vista class ships never were designated as adult-only.
  8. We turn off our phones and lock them in the safe for the duration of our cruises so we don't use the HUB app. Paper copies of the Fun Times, which lists all the activities each day, hours of venues, etc, will be delivered to your stateroom each previous evening. Have a great cruise.
  9. Be aware that many ATMs in foreign ports give out the currency of that port, not necessarily US funds.
  10. Assigned Arrival Time, aka Check-in Time and Boarding time are not the same. Check-in Time is when passengers can enter the port building to check in and receive a Zone Card number. Boarding begins after the previous cruise's passengers are off the ship and customs has cleared for embarkation. There are n boarding times. For those who are not Diamond, Platinum, or purchased FTTF, the earlier the check in time, the lower the Zone Card number received so when embarkation does begin, they will be called numerically.
  11. We love our last breakfast in the MDR on debarkation morning. We usually get up around 6:30 to shower, dress, and pack last minute things. (We use Self-Assist.) We leave our luggage in the cabin, go to the MDR, and are back in the cabin for 8:30, which is when cabins must be evacuated. If we have late flight, we hang around Lido, soaking in the rays and warmth before we are ready to leave the ship and head to the airport to fly back to the frozen tundra of New Hampshire.
  12. Why pay for breakfast when the op and family can enjoy their last meal on the ship.
  13. Hi there. We cruise with a friend who is allergic to EVERYTHING except poultry, eggs, fruits, and vegetables. She contacts Special Needs before every sailing. As soon as we embark, she and her husband go to the maitre d' and speak with the hostess about what she can eat and to ensure no cross contamination. She brings her own salad dressing, bread, and sun butter. (Like peanut butter, but made from sunflower seeds.) We choose YTD and the hostess makes sure we have the same table and same wait staff every night. (We like to go to dinner for 7:00.) Before we leave dinner, the hostess comes to the table with the next day's menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner so they can discuss what to order. She orders every course, including dessert. (I've tasted her food. It was really tasty for gluten free, dairy free, wheat free, etc.) The first night of the first cruise was a little rough, but the rest of the meals went as planned and she had no allergy issues. The key is to be diligent. Best wishes and have a great cruise.
  14. By the time you debark the plane, get your luggage, get a taxi, and travel to the port, it will be close to 8:00. I suggest dropping of luggage with the porters then finding a place for breakfast. There are plenty of restaurants within walking distance of the port. You could then walk to one of the forts to explore until you head back to the port for your Assigned Arrival Time.
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