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  1. I think they should bring back the Passenger-Tell-A-Joke contest run by the cruise staff. Similar to Karaoke, but passengers get up and tell their jokes in order to win silly prizes. No cost there other than cruise staff time and a venue to hold it in. coka
  2. The one elevator that goes all the way down to 6 is the furthest starboard side. To be sure, just make sure the button panel has deck 6 on it...You are in the wrong one if it only goes to seven. coka
  3. Planma'am, it can be done! My minimal suite experiences have always been wonderful yet I have gone back to lesser category cabins. I consider the cabin category cruising experience desired at time of booking, the perceived value of my cabin’s cost, and what I wish to afford at time of booking. I might afford the suite, but it does not mean I choose it given what I think the vacation experience would entail. I have in my head what I think a good price is for each category, for each ship, for each itinerary, during particular times of the year. Factor in promotions, my product knowledge, and many years sailing with them, I then make the choice. I have always been happy with my choice. I hope you are too! Edited to add that my last cruise with them was February 2016...so I do not know current prices, experiences, value, etc. coka:D
  4. No, that is only for the porters when getting OFF the ship, lol. I really think the numbers go 1-6 and then jump to the twenties. For those who get the twenties...it really is only a fifteen to twenty minute wait from 1-6. Um, I think! :p coka:D
  5. Awesome! Nice to see a female in the higher positions! On a side note, Happy holidays Suzanne, Barb, www3traveler, and others! coka:D
  6. Looks like fun! I am envious having never sailed a GV. Someday when I win power ball....! coka:D
  7. Everyone is assuming they start with the number 1 and continue consecutively with the following digits through the twenties. Having sailed many times in different tiers, categories, suites, first to arrive, last to arrive, etc. .... All I know is they do NOT go 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20-21-22-23-24.... Any other old timers here agree? coka:D
  8. coka

    Cruisers & Losers Breakaway Part 1

    Oh my oh my! I have tears of laughter rolling down my face! It has been too long since that has happened! I love your writing style and I so look forward to more of the review! Having sailed the Breakaway 3X and having been the free beverage package line cutting drunk passenger myself, it is soooo interesting to read about it through a sober family man's point of view! ROFLOL! coka:D:D:D
  9. Oh Dear Allie, You asked for thoughts/suggestions. Keep what you have and tell your friend to figure it out for him/herself. Isn't this what our fifties is supposed to be about? Once I turned fifty I told my friends and family I was done being their cruise director. It was so liberating! Even so, contact your travel agent or NCL and ask the question...I am thinking you should be able to upgrade and add a person to the original booking. I have done it before...but I have not sailed in a while and things are-a-changing. Do not fret about noise...a good pair of ear plugs is all one needs. The aft cabin on Dawn is worth it. coka:D
  10. coka

    Cruise Ship pearl question

    Hmmm, not too many answers...Two different cruise lines...two different ships. Look at the gross tonnage and look at the passenger capacity. You will not find the the "several" on the Pearl but you will find the one of each...as everything is smaller. Yes, the Pearl is a smaller ship...and yes, cruising is fun...Pearl has piano bar, shows, trivia, a store for shopping, art auctions, and such but not the size of Freedom...You can expect the same on Pearl but smaller than Freedom. Also know that each week on the same ship can provide a varied experience so do not go on any cruise with the same expectation as your previous one(s). This is the beauty of cruising. I have many fond memories of sailing the Pearl (and with sailing a few Royal Caribbean ships)...that each cruise and each cruise line is an experience of its own. Have fun on the Pearl! coka:D
  11. Good to know I can use it twice. I used to find a date thinking it a waste of a free meal! coka:D
  12. I saw that in your signature...I held a meet and greet back then and met some of the cruisecritics who are still around today (but do not post as often anymore). I remember not feeling bad for the passengers...but feeling extremely bad for the crew! coka
  13. coka

    Is it true- NCL ship pins

    Send me you postal address to quest4coka at aol dot com Put your cruise critic name in the subject line so I know to open it up. I will send them out to you on Mon/Tues. Michele...let me know if you want the old Dawn pin or the new Dawn pin. The old one is bule and gold while the new one has the dolphins. coka
  14. The power walk way. Actually...counter clockwise. coka:D