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  1. Our first & last were insides; all others were balconies except the Majesty & that was a window (sq footage was the same as a balcony). We thought we would have balcony envy on the Jade, but pleasantly surprised, not at all. We had three in the cabin, upper bunk was used. We did have a full itin, just one sea day, so we weren't in cabin much. We did fine. I think it depends on how much time you spend in the cabin, and (haha) if you order room service.
  2. I am looking at FGA Apartments. They do not have a on site concierge. So if you are planning on an early dropping off... ask if it's possible.
  3. It also depends on where you clear customs. My DIL came back though Canada... cheese wasn't taken, but the salami was.
  4. sodell


    Thanks you guys....Saw both last year & hoping to re-visit just the Church.
  5. sodell


    Can someone help clarify please? The Vatican Museum has an entry fee & is suggested to pre-purchase to avoid long waits in line. The Basilica has no entry fee (except to climb to the top). Question..... Is there a long, long line for the Basilica? Is there a way to get around the long line; except by entering through the Museum? Thanks
  6. The "shortcut" from the Chapel to the Basilica...... go out the right side door, pretend you're with a tour group; look for folks being lead by umbrellas being held up right.
  7. WOW! This is wonderful.We were there last year, returning this year for one day. Touches everything we want to see again AND ending at St Peter's. Great big kudos to you. Thanks a ga-billion.
  8. Rick Steves has some terrific (free) pod-casts. Accademia, Uffizzi, Coliseum, Rome walking tour and on & on & on.....
  9. I thought your question was hilarious... sarcasm reaches the midwest. On the Sky (3 day weekend cruise) I encountered a woman getting off the elevator with a condo size suitcase on wheels, pushing her luggage towards her cabin. I asked her if she was coming from the naughty room... she said yes..... geeze.. what else would she have it that monster suitcase. I couldn't stop laughing....
  10. I don't recall those, however, I remember the chocolate croissants. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Corn muffins with fruit just made my bucket list.
  11. Thanks so much for taking time to post
  12. http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1143195 Have you tried this thread? Welcome to CC... enjoy & catch up on your reading :)
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