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  1. The MSC and RCL devices are different. The MSC device has a battery and transmits a signal (imagine a 6 digit random number). Everyone has a different number. Antennas on the ship listen to the number beacons and which antenna picked it up and when. The data is stored on a computer that connects to all the antennas. The RCL device is much thinner, because it does not have a battery, and is no different than the RFID in the seapass. Just a different size/geometery. Since it doesn’t have a battery it needs to be in a magnetic field coil (how a electric toothbrush charges) in order
  2. Can you explain? I’m missing something. The distance between front and aft elevators are the same on all floors, so what makes the “walk around the restaurants” different?
  3. I think it would certainly be possible, whether they would do it is another. They would certainly collect port fees even if you couldn’t get off to pay for the “process”. When we did Celebrity Eclipse out of Buenos Aires, they took and held all passports at checkin. They said it was because Falkland Islands wanted to manually inspect all passports prior to arrival. Their passport control people got on the ship at some point and before we got to that port they gave all the passports back to everyone on board the ship. The point is that our passport had a stamp for Falkland Islands when w
  4. As someone who must fly in night before, late times are going to create an issue with hotel check out times on embarkation day. I’ve noticed many people in the terminal before 11am, some probably have little control due to being kicked out of hotels.
  5. I was so happy with the virtual show Royal Caribbean did on 8/14. Makes me remember how good their entertainment is.
  6. NFC (near field communication) devices like the WOW bands have a very limited range (inches) - because the device has no power source and receives power from a wire loop magnetically from the reading device. The loop induces current, then the WOW band transmits a signal. The WOW band and seapass use the same technology. I would assume that the MSC and Princess use batteries and bluetooth or RFID style communication, which requires a power source.
  7. I know I am in the vast minority, but we are making final payments. The 25% is more than that money will make me elsewhere, and at least in the suites I am not seeing significant price increases year over year. I have some FCC from a back to back I was on in March 2020, they kicked us off the ship for the second week. Since then we have had 2 cancelled, and I have 5 booked for 2021, using different ships, homeports, classes, some on Royal and some on Celebrity. Trying to maximize my odds of going someday. Way I figure I will eventually go, and if RCG goes under the world is in much
  8. Do they automatically send back the old cancelled passports or do you need to request that somehow? This is my first renewal.
  9. We have avoiding switching planes by doing so in the U.S. first - you can get a direct flight to most places in europe from JFK, PHL, BOS, CLT, ATL, and I’m sure many others. Plus you can sleep without worry of a connection.
  10. Great price is usually around $4k, normal good price is $5k-$6k, have booked at $7k but that was due to time of year and symphony. I have seen as high as $12k but at that price not worth it. (All 7 day cruises obviously). Usually oasis/allure will be less than harmony/symphony, but not always. Time of year seems to be more important.
  11. If you haven’t checked pricing for two connected rooms, depending on sales/promos the difference wouldn’t be much, and you would get two bathrooms. Otherwise as others have said you should be able to get a room where the older kid would be on the sofa bed and the youngest on a bed that folds down from the ceiling. Just noticed old thread with new question in post 15 .... sorry.
  12. We have cruised extensively on both Celebrity and Royal. We are elite+ and diamond+. We have done all S class ships on X and did Edge in March 2020. For us Edge was one and done. We mostly sail in suites and did on edge. For us it was a combination of many things, I think it for some reason is very polarizing - either you like it or you don’t. Maybe for us it was just too hyped and didn’t seem special. I just overall felt that it was too expensive for what you get.
  13. I was on a cruise during the 2016 U.S. election - the captain made an announcement during his departure talk from port that day and then came to the theater shows telling all guests that he had instructed all crew to NOT discuss politics at all. He said he did it to make everyone’s vacation more enjoyable. He asked guests to try and consider that others may not want to hear about it and would like to “get away” from it for a while. In general people did stay quiet about it - both sides - and it did make things better. I hope maybe once cruises start again that it isn’t all coronavirus a
  14. I’m about half way between E+ and Z. As others said i won’t do this because of privacy reasons. However I really wonder if everyone put at the end of their posts that the only reason they are doing this is for points if they would get points? Reminds me when I was shopping for something and every review was 5/5 but at the end of each post it said they got a free device as part of their review.
  15. Except the survey gives you 2 club points, because of the 10:1 ratio of power up points to club points. That’s probably why they created the new thing to make you think you are getting something. In the grand scheme you aren’t getting anything. I am all in favor of more surveys because they need to ask their repeat customers questions to steer their decision making. This allows them to link whatever demographics and cruise history and home location (via your captain club number) with your survey result. I took the survey mainly to provide feedback, I don’t know why they haven’t done
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