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  1. The CDC guidelines for cruise lines continues to evolve. There is still a threat from Covid variants. The CDC will issue new relaxed guidelines as additional research shows that cruising is safe for those aboard as well as residents in countries visited. Hardly "nonsense." I don't understand why this is so difficult for some people to understand and accept.
  2. Elimination of table prepared Meusli had nothing to do with Lisa. It was the result of enforcement of U.S. health codes. And I miss that too.
  3. What does your post have to do with being self-responsible by wearing a mask to protect yourself AND your neighbor. I may arguably live "under heavens surveillance" but "heaven helps those who help themselves" and I do that by following CDC guidelines. So if you live solely under heaven's surveillance, then you evidently don't wear a seatbelt in an auto (as required by the DVM) or on a plane (as required by the FAA) or wear a mask when recommended by the CDC, because Devine Providence will keep you safe and to heck with your neighbor. You reap what you sow.
  4. I guess you don't wear seatbelts in a car or airplane then.
  5. I was talking to a staff member in the OV Cafe who was from a third world country. He also worked in other food venues, MDR and specialty dining. He said it is heartbreaking to see how much good food is thrown away. In his opinion the typical Celebrity cruiser is a wasteful glutton. In his country so many people are starving or on the verge of starvation. I'll be the first to admit that I eat and drink more than is healthy for me on a cruise. But my dog, I always clean my plate. I have seen people walk away from full plates of food in the OV Cafe (to be kind, maybe they weren't feeling
  6. There are a lot of variables in this question - when your reservation was made, was the cruise canceled or likely to be cancelled, what country or State do you live in, your Captains Club status, and most important an aggressive TA. So there is no easy answer(s) to the question. I can tell you my experience but it does not necessarily apply to everyone or anyone else. Last month I cancelled a reservation through my well connected Internet TA that Celebrity said was probably going to be cancelled (it was currently on "hold"). I am CC Elite but I don't think that got me anything.
  7. Den your wife and my wife think EXACTLY the same (we have a long range cruising boat and she hates it) and I am starting to agree with your wife! My wife LOVES Celebrity, no making the bed, no cleaning the room, no cooking, no washing dishes, no changing the sheets, loves the food, being waited on hand and foot, etc. etc. etc. She loves the ocean, loves cruising, and enjoys having a glass of wine on the veranda in the afternoon. What's not to like?
  8. Ah yes, do it gorilla style - get a couple of pieces of cheese from the OV Cafe. Ask for a burger hot off the grill and slap the OV cheese on top. - ask for a hot dog and ask it to be split long-wise and slap on top of the cheese burger - ask for a scoop of fried onions ON TOP OF YOUR FRIES, then slap the other piece on cheese on top. - wash it down with your favorite cerveza (Pacifico if they have it). Now you are talking decadent!
  9. Since not very many people are cruising right now so I want to concentrate on my positive experiences in the past and in this case, specifically favorite foods. I don't expect anyone to agree with me because food is such a personal thing. But I would like to hear what food(s) you miss. Here are some of our favorites: - lemon tarts in Bacio - short ribs in Tuscan Grill - pistachio danish in Luminae - fresh bread selection in Luminae - evening stir fry in Oceanview - cocktail in Ensemble Lounge - table prepared muslix in Blu (that's long gone)
  10. Celebrity has been doing this for sometime at the evening stir fry station at the buffet. You simply point out what you want in your stir fry, as much as you want. The staff fills your bowl and then stir fries it. They give you the bowl and you take it to your table (this is the first time you have touched this food). Never a problem and we think very delicious.
  11. Yes, and as a result we have almost 600K dead at this time. I have friends who died from it, didn't even get to go to their funeral because there wasn't one. Was it worth it? I guess so if you haven't personally been effected.
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