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  1. I’m on Sirena now. Our last night. The hair dryer works very well. It actually gets very hot. And yes, it has an off & on button that you don’t have to hold down. (I never saw the kind you mentioned until we stayed at a hotel in Monte Carlo before this cruise.)
  2. I have a Sirena question. Although on our port heavy 10 night cruise (no sea days) this might not even come up. In the past, on other cruises, we enjoy playing cards after breakfast. Our favorite spot on Royal was the nightclub...usually empty at that time of day. Small tables, huge windows. Any suggestions were we could play cards on Sirena? Thanks! Lara
  3. As a new to Oceania cruiser (our first cruise sets sail this Friday on Sirena!!) I REALLY appreciate this thread!! I’m going to try to be a little more adventurous, and try new things...not caviar and octopus adventurous, though! Thanks for sharing some great options! Lara
  4. LHT28, Flatbush Flyer, Katie, StanandJim, Orv & Go-Bucks!, Thank you! I really appreciate your input. My own shampoo & conditioner, just in case, a few extra wire hangers, bc they are thinner, leave the robe at home (which gives me room for 2 extra outfits!) DH’s will make his own tea, I’ll leave the mattress topper at home (but might bring the coke can sized Klimt air mattress...just in case). Need to stop by the bank to get a starter set of ones for tipping. Waiting in line at guest services is never fun. I’m REALLY looking forward to the port lectures! That was one of my biggest complaints about Royal. The only lectures were basically selling opportunities. And no afternoon tea. I enjoyed it on Princess. And Oceania sounds awesome. I’m looking forward to our port intensive 10 night cruise around Italy, but will also work to balance downtime. I wonder how feasible it is on most ports to come back to the ship to relax and then head back out. I guess we will find out! This is a great group! Thanks for all the thoughtful & helpful advice. Lara
  5. This is my 8th cruise but 1st on Oceania. We will be sailing on Sirena in a week. I’d love to hear any tips you may have, especially hoping to hear from those recent cruisers (May to present) since the “Next” upgrades. I’m an overpacker. I’m trying to cut back where I can. Here are a few specific questions. (We are in an inside cabin) 1.) shampoo & conditioner....is it good quality? (I learned to bring my own on our Royal Caribbean cruises...they don’t provide conditioner.) 2.) robes...are they provided for inside cabins? 3.) Does the mattress have a memory foam topper? I had to bring one on our Royal Cruise...they do have the WORST (hard) mattresses. I hear the beds are great on Oceania, but even at home I use a topper. Does Oceania have some if needed? 4.) hangers...I know there will be some in the closet but do you bring extras? Are there plenty if more are requested? 5.) what item do YOU bring that some might not think of? Not packing but a few more questions: 1.) Is there a sleep timer on the new TV remotes? I think new TVs were installed in May. I’m hoping my admittedly bad habit of falling asleep to the tv will be supported! (And if HGTV is one of the offered channels, bonus!!!) 2.) How hard is it to get iced tea in the morning? This is my husband’s “coffee” and he’s not much fun to be around until he’s had a couple of glasses! On Royal we learned to make it ourselves in the cafe and bring it to breakfast in the dining room. I realize Oceania doesn’t have this option but looking for tips. Can the barista make ice tea? Or maybe through room service? Might be a good option while he’s waiting for me to get ready. 3.) Tipping...what do you typically tip for room service? Since there aren’t assigned tables/waiters, is there no additional tipping for waitstaff at the end of the cruise? (Besides the automatic daily gratuities) 4.) This is a 10 day cruise with no sea days. Will there still be lectures about the upcoming ports? If so, when do those typically happen? Thanks for answering any or all of these questions! We are SO looking forward to our 30th anniversary celebration cruise around Italy. (I’ve read some disappointing reviews lately about the food, but luckily for us, it’s hard to imagine it won’t be a pretty big step up from our last several cruises!) Looking forward to any tips or tricks you are willing to share! Lara
  6. LHT28, StanandJim & Donna, thanks!! A helicopter...wow! Donna, that’s so nice of you to look into the club presidente! Sounds like an interesting option. I look forward to hearing about it. I’m learning so much from this group. :-) Lara
  7. 4 very helpful responses, thank you all! I will arrange a car. So 8:15 should be the pick up time?? We must have gotten a good deal on our flight when we first booked because it’s quite a bit higher now to change. (We did just look into leaving even the next day.) Has anyone used the Fast Track at this airport? Thank you!!
  8. A previous thread about an 11:00am flight after a cruise made us realize we were in the same predicament. I have no idea what we were thinking when we booked this!! It will cost over $1000 to change the flight. So we’d prefer not to do that. Sirena arrives at 7:00am in Monte Carlo, but my official documents say for disembarkation “Times vary but generally no later than 9:00” Our flight is at 11:05am. This is our first time to cruise in Oceania, but we’ve been on other lines. We will definitely “self carry”. We are Category C-1. I have appreciated reading all the great tips and advice from this board! I’m hoping you can share info about your experience with this airport & any advice you can give to help us get off the ship quickly & make our flight. (For example, should we get an uber, taxi or prearrange a private car service? We do have TSA precheck, but not global. Any tips for once we arrive at the airport?) Our cruise returns this September 12. Thanks for any advice you’d care to share!! Lara
  9. Great info! I will be on my first Oceania cruise in September, on Sirena. Does anyone know if there is a sleep timer on the tv? thanks! Lara
  10. Kmom, it was wonderful! I will answer the questions I asked in this thread, in case anyone is searching and looking for similar answers. 1.) Are movies ever shown anywhere but outside on the deck? If so, where? - - - - - I think movies were shown twice inside the Lyric Theater. Although neither we’re good times for us, starting in the very late afternoon. I scheduled us for dinner at 6:15 each night, in order to get to the early shows. 2.) Besides your state room, where would be some good places to play cards? - - - - - We brought our cards to breakfast every morning, so we could go straight to the 14th deck, and play in the Blue Moon lounge after we ate. Half of the time we were the only ones there, occasionally there would be one or two other groups. It was perfect! Music playing, comfortable seating, and huge windows overlooking the sea. On a sea day, we returned after lunch, and it was packed with people, some playing cards, others just talking & enjoying the view. Some had brought drinks up (bar was closed at the lounge). 3.) Our cruise leaves out of Fort Lauderdale. We fly in that same morning. Is there a Walmart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond or any similar place where we could buy inexpensive mattress toppers ON THE WAY (or close enough) to the ship from the airport? It just doesn’t seem feasible to pack them in a suitcase and bring them on the airplane. Our flight lands at 10:52am In Fort Lauderdale. So I assume there is plenty of time to make a stop? - - - - - I ended up buying a king size mattress topper for our bed and a twin size mattress topper for my son at home and packed them. My son said he didn’t need his, so we left it in the package, but after the first night, I added it to my side of the bed. These were only an inch and a half thick, but putting the two together made it perfect. (But my husband and son were just fine. I’ve gotten quite used to my 4 inch mattress topper at home.) The two mattress pads I bought, I kept in the circular package, and both fit in a large suitcase, along with several other items. All of our suitcases fit easily under the beds. We would’ve had plenty of time to make a stop to buy them. We went straight to the ship, got on without a line, and went straight to our cabin. So it wouldn’t have been that hard to carry them on in a shopping bag. 4.) The above are my three main questions, that I would really appreciate help with. But an extra question... for those that have been on both Liberty & Adventure...I’d love to hear some positive differences between the two ships. I booked this cruise on a whim, not really researching… (which is very unlike me!) I was so impressed with the level of entertainment on Liberty, I just assumed it would be the same on all Royal Caribbean ships. After lots of reading here on Cruise Critic, I realize my mistake. This being a smaller ship, the entertainment is a little less spectacular (We don’t do the flow rider, slide, or rock wall, which I think both ships have), so the nightly entertainment was a real selling point for me. - - - - - For me, there were no real differences between the two ships, except for the lack of the big production shows. The ice-skating shows were similarly entertaining on each ship, but luckily were different. We went to the shows in the lyric theater each night, except for one night, when all of the ships singers & dancers were doing a show. I was sorry to miss that one, especially after going to the Q&A where they spoke about their lives, and we got to ask questions. I was so glad they did this. There was nothing like this when we were on Liberty, as a matter of fact, that was one of my comments after the cruise. There weren’t enough of these free types of entertainment. We also attended the captains Q&A. That was interesting too. I was surprised by how empty the lyric theater was for these two separate events. They were held mid morning I think, and I guess people were either sleeping or enjoying all the outdoor activities. I didn’t ask this question, but I will mention that I do think the quality of the food has gone down a little bit in the dining room. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t as good as it was two years ago. We didn’t do any of the specialty restaurants. (Except Johnny Rockets) There was one night that we missed dinner in the dining room, while in the infirmary, and therefore had our first dinner at the Windjammer buffet. I was very pleasantly surprised at how good it was. There were so many options, and everything was hot. It was also much more pleasant, in that it was quieter than at lunch and practically empty when we were there. We probably would not choose another Royal Caribbean cruise. Mainly because our children are older now, and we will probably do other sorts of vacations with them, when they can join us. Although my husband and I just booked our first Oceania cruise for the two of us.
  11. CDNCRUIZER, yes, I hate the smoke. You’d think engineers would be able to come up with better filtration systems. It’s interesting how back in the 80’s at clubs, the smoke didn’t really bother me, but now it really does. But I’m so happy to hear that you had a positive experience on the ship, and that the food & service was excellent!! Thank you for taking the time to share :-) Lara
  12. Clean1owner, I’m so glad to hear that! Thank you!!
  13. Pcur, THANK YOU! This is exactly what I needed to hear. This sounds less hectic than trying to quickly locate & buy one between landing & boarding, and then have to carry aboard. Because my husband travels so much for work, he’s at a level on AA where we won’t have to deal with an extra baggage fee. My son has his own room so there should be plenty of space to stash the large suitcase under one of the beds in his room. Thank you so much! Lara
  14. Clean1owner, Thank you for taking the time to reply, I appreciate it!! I didn’t study the numbers/size in comparison of Liberty & Adventure but I think I remember that the ship (Adventure) is smaller, but the number of passengers isn’t hugely reduced, so I guess that means more crowding & fewer public spaces??? Hopefully I’m wrong about that. I’m THRILLED to hear that the food & service was excellent in the MDR!!!! We’ve never used specialty dining and typically have even breakfast & lunch in the MDR, too. It’s discouraging to read all the negative reviews about the food. We enjoyed the food on Liberty. The only negative was how unhappy and overworked many of the waitstaff seemed. I felt bad for them, having to practically run in and out of the kitchen. One of the assistants dropped a tray of dishes and our waiter took the blame...I thought that was really nice. We were seated near the kitchen and saw a lot of “behind the scenes” action. I don’t remember the crew being so frantically overworked on my first cruises, back in the mid to late 80’s. They were more relaxed. And THANK YOU for the tips about nearby areas to search for the toppers!!! And the card playing advice, too. thank you! :-) Lara
  15. Thanks, JTBCruiser! It’s nice to hear you enjoyed Adventure enough to book a 2nd time!
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