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  1. Ecstasy have been my favorite ship so far with Carnival. I didnt like the Conquest so I’m worried about Liberty as it’s same class. I hope I love Liberty. Although if I’m on a ship who cares.
  2. My point on the towel animals was that, the little things were missing from my cruise. Those little things create an experience and an experience is what we are all after. I work in the service industry and have for over 25 years. So I understand working long hours and demanding people. These were my thoughts and it amazes me that people get upset that I have expressed my opinions on my cruise. Like I said, it didn't ruin my cruise. I was truly blessed to be on one. I still love cruising and will go on many more but all I was stating is that this ship was not for me. I had done my research so I knew what people had said previously about this ship. I was just sharing my two cents so that others can also make up their own mids about where to cruise next.
  3. I was on this cruise and I got sick 1 night. It had to be food issues. Sorry you were sick for so long.
  4. I spent New Years on a cruise aboard the Epic. I had a very nice trip but don't think I will choose to sail this ship again. Here are my thoughts: PROS * Beautiful Ship * Great ports (GSC, St. Martin, Tortolla) * Good food * Alcohol included * Loved Dueling Pianos, Cirque and Burn * Great watch selection (I always buy one) CONS * Too many people * Too many people * Waiting in lines * Making reservations for everything * Not friendly workers (there were a handful) * Not friendly passengers as on other ships * Not enough elevators * Slow service * Room stewards not very good or non-existence (I only got 4 towel animals) * Felt like I was nickel and dimed for everything * Nothing available on the TV (not that its used a lot but I do like to fall asleep to something interesting) * Not enough chairs around pool * Not enough servers walking around getting drinks * Bathroom setup was not for me * Balcony room seemed small If this was Freestyle Cruising, I'd hate to see what isn't. We had to make reservations for comedy shows, dance shows, or wait in line 30 minutes before an activity to ensure you had a seat. It's not eat when you want, it's eat when it's available, if it is. This was my first "mega ship" and it was too big for me, I believe. While there was a list of stuff to do, I could never find anything to do. It's weird sounding I know. Would not go back on this ship. I also didn't like the layout or that you could wait 20 minutes to get an elevator. None of this would ever make me say I hated my trip...I was on a cruise and that's enough but it was different enough and there weren't those little details that have been on other ships. Just my thoughts. TODD
  5. How does one go about renting a Cabana for Stirrup Cay and is that worth the money? Or is it just as good to rent some chairs under a palm tree?
  6. These are all my thoughts. I was just wondering since they advertise so much. I will stick with the Crest whitestrips. Thanks!
  7. Has anyone ever used the Spa and got their teeth whitened? I am looking for how it went, were there any complications, would you do it again? Thanks!:D
  8. that's great information to know. thanks!
  9. I know this question may be asked several times and sorry I don't know the answer yet. Can I bring a personal fan onboard the EPIC with me? Just looking to bring one that I can set on the nightstand. I know some lines allow and some do not. Thanks!:D
  10. I have never heard of resort for a day .com. There is the Marriott available on St. Thomas. Not many other replies.
  11. Do any of the resorts or hotels have day passes available? I'd like to lay on the beach but have access to some amenities.
  12. thanks everyone. This will probably be the only time I ever utilize a suite and/or butler service again. My friend and I decided to splurge this one time. We leave from Venice and hit the 4 Greek ports. Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos and Olympia. We have book excursions for 3 thru the cruise ship...Best of Corfu, Scenic views of Mykonos and Best of Olympia. For Santorini, we have booked a private tour. We are arriving in Venice 2 days early and have a hotel. http://www.hotelpausania.it It seems nice and has relatively good reviews from Trip Adviser. We have also booked a car service from the airport to the Hotel. http://www.venicegroupservices.com - It is pricey (as is everything in Venice) but I didn't want to have to deal with finding a taxi for land and water. So they will pick us up at the airport and then drive us to a private water taxi that will pull up in front of our hotel. To me, this will be better than lugging my bags around. It also includes a pick up at the port when we return from the cruise. I will definitely write a review afterwards.
  13. I just felt the need to get excited about my Greece cruise. So many exciting things happening. We just updated to a 2 bedroom family suite from 2 ocean views. Have a butler and concierge. Who knew! Maybe I will ask for them to pick out all of the green m&m's. Lol. Just kidding. I just bought a house and move 4 days before I leave for Venice and the cruise. Not the way I had planned but at least it's something to look forward to. It's a lot happening for my 40th BDay. :D I've had lots of great tips so far but always love to hear more. I never want to miss out on anything. Tips on the butler and/or concierge? Tips for the Jade? Venice tips (besides getting lost)? Places to eat in Venice? I'm so excited if you haven't noticed.
  14. Does anyone know if you can bring on soda from the Venice port? I despise Pepsi products and need my Diet Coke. Lol. Or as it may be called Coke Light in other countries outside of U.S.
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