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  1. I know it is last minute as we will be sailing Sunday , but we usually go on a cruise and don't worry about keeping in touch regularly back home. Unfortunately my 88 year old mom broke her hip and had surgery just a few days ago and I need to keep informed in case I need to make any decisions on her care. I'm thinking before that my husband and I each got a 24 hour Internet pass coupons as we have sailed numerous times. Is my memory right? I really hate to pay the $100 for the whole week but may have to if I have no other options. Does any know if there are any places in San Juan or St Maarten I can get on the Internet? I'm guessing Labadee would be through the ship also? Does anyone know of any international phones that work while at sea without the ships Internet service?
  2. We've done some cruises out of Europe though not to the ports you are going and have also done Norwegian cruise lines. We were in Norway last year end of May and was fortunate with 60 degree weather and no rain (which was unusual! ) Wouldn't hurt to take raincoats. Yes we saw quite a few kids and there were actually some people in the pools! Airline tickets I like to check google flights and get an idea what they are running check frequently. When you see a price you like grab it! We have taken our 3 young adult kids, son-in-law and grandbaby and I have found if we travel out of New York (a 6 hour drive for us) it is way cheaper! The 1 year I saved over $3000 so well worth the drive! Be open to checking different airports etc! This year I found tickets to Ireland for under $410 others are surprised Im going so cheap but I am very happy! Also be willing to book your own excursions, I found excursions were extremely expensive over there!
  3. It didn't show what was missing, but I went through it all and discovered when I filled it out awhile ago it didn't save my credit card information. Thank you all they are now printed!😀
  4. We sail Sunday. I tried going over everything and had my daughter double check. Maybe I'll try again.
  5. I am trying to print my set sail pass. It's saying it's not complete, the only thing I can find is not taking a photo of us. Is that now a required thing? Pretty soon they won't even need any workers to check us in! Also curious what happens if a person doesn't have a computer and arrives with no set sail pass or photo?
  6. If your family is up to it head left out of the port keeping the water on your left you can walk a nice path out by the water then climb the stairs up to the fort and you can easily walk to both. Then walk back down to the ship through the town. You can see the ships from most areas so you shouldn't get lost!
  7. Not sure who Jose and Patti are. Shows Soul Rockin Nights Jassen Allen:That's My Story - didn't get to see this Comedienne Julie Barr (though she was pretty good) Elements - we thought this show was awesome. The best we have seen in a LONG time! I suggest you watch it! The PJ Majic show - also really good! They also had the Newlywed Not so Newlywed game. Pool group was Hotwire Cruise director was JC can't remember his last name. I hope this helps . Let me know if you want me to look at anything else
  8. There is 1 hour of free Wi-Fi by the visitors center. It worked pretty good accept 1 night there was over 50 people using it and it really slowed down.
  9. We just got off yesterday. The parking garage was full so they sent us to another outside lot real close to the ship and it was $25 a day
  10. We just left and had room 10011 my husband thought it would get maybe that temp. The most I had it on cool was 3 notches and could have went 1 more. I always take a little fan as I'm at the age I alternate between cold and super hot!😌
  11. I can't post them but I have the 10-17 th. Just got off yesterday I can look at and answer questions.
  12. Just off this morning. This was our 20th cruise. We we're really impressed with the Element show ( the best we've seen in a LONG TIME!) The majic show and comedian also were very good! So do try to watch them! Also not sure how you plan on getting around but if considering a scooter you may want to rethink it! My husband has driven motorcycles since about 7 (52 now) but it was nerve wracking having to watch out for other people and some drove kind of crazy! We also talked to another couple their parents hit bad rain and lost control. The dad got pretty banged up. We also learned a couple days later on of the other cruisers had a fatal accident! I want to find out for positive. Any ? I'll try to help
  13. Just off the Dawn this morning. We had room 10011 3 nights cold showers ! Wasn't too happy about that after being Sandy and salty. They wouldn't let us get a shower anywhere else. This was cruise #20and their comedian,and magician show was really good! The Element Show I would say was the best we've seen in a LONG TIME! Don't miss them!
  14. Did you see anyone doing beach massages? We've been to different islands that either have a place set up or people walking the beach offering to do them. Will be there in a week and it would be awesome to find one.
  15. tidygirl


    @cruisingwithfamily - I would be surprised if you can book one this late. I tried to book one last week for Aug 12th and they were sold out. They said they are usually booked 4 to 5 weeks ahead. :(
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