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  1. A Question if you are upgraded from Verandah Cabin to Continental Suite is the upgrade room only or do you get the full entitlements of that category such as free access to all dining areas and in room bar etc ?
  2. What is an LCV Cruise I noticed our second cruise of our B2B Japan to Vancouver is a LCV cruise but no idea what that means.
  3. Cruise Date: 25 May 2019 Date Bid made: Late April Length of cruise: 10 days LCV level: first ever on Azamara Cabin Type Booked: Club Verandah Cabin Type Bid for: Continental Suite Minimum bid allowed (per cabin): 800 Amount bid (per stateroom):920 Bid strength (weak/strong etc): weak Outcome. Successful Made same bid on 12 May Cruise and still pending
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