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  1. We are trying to choose between a Family Harbor cabin or a Family Harbor suite for our family of FOUR. Questions... 1) Did you think the Family Harbor "perks" are worth it? Seemed worth trying for $300. 2) The Family Harbor cabin is 185 sq ft for 3700 or the Family Harbor suite is 275 sq ft for 4800. I'm wondering if it is worth the extra $1,100 for 90 sq feet. We have 2 active boys (7 and 10) and thought the extra space would be nice. We usually get a regular balcony cabin. 3) We can always consider the Ocean Suite or the Havana.
  2. We booked the day pass in Cabo -adults only. We ended up booking through cruise ship because it was only 10 bucks cheaper or something like that.
  3. Thanksgiving week cruise on Carnival to Mexican riviera. looking for any thoughts on our excursion plans! Family of four - one 5 year old boy and one nine year old boy: Thx in advance. Cabo - going to do a resort pass, we have been there many times Mazatlan - going to stone “island”, on our own, not tour PV - we are thinking of las caletas... only concern is that it seems pricey and not sure if both kids can participate in activities (whatever those are). Not sure if worth the $400 or wait until both are old enough? Our other option is the Pirate
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