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  1. Thanks for sharing! Enjoying the photos a lot. We have a trip in Sept. on Summit and are eager to read any information we can get. We are trying Qsine on our 2nd night out with our CC roll call. Glad to hear you enjoyed it!
  2. I was hooked when you received your 1st Class upgrade. I am looking forward to some great armchair traveling! I'm sure it will be delightful! PS: Murphy said to say "Hello."
  3. Thank you for the larger size photos. Its a lot easier on these old eyes, LOL! Great job, eager to hear about what you are planning to do today. I like the new loungers! Hope you are having a great time!
  4. Looking forward to your report! We will be sailing in January, and eager to hear your views! I hope you enjoy your vacation!
  5. Lynne95

    June 2016 NOLA/Mexico Triumph Picture Review

    Great review and wonderful photos! Thanks a lot for sharing!
  6. Lynne95

    Carnival Dream B2B Cruise Review

    Wonderful, can't wait.
  7. We just got off the Anthem on Friday. We didn't decide on the 4 night package until day 3, we were still able to book it, so you can wait until you board to book if you want. We were given a night at Chops by our TA, and purchased the 4 night package, and found it too many for our 12 night. Turned out we liked our dining servers, and enjoyed the food and the pace of our meals. There was just too much food in all the specialty dining places...and we are big eaters. But to each his own. We had a wonderful time, hope you do too!
  8. Lynne95

    Back of ship on jewel??

    We had that cabin for our Panama Canal cruise and it was perfect! I would book that cabin again in a heart beat. Yes, it was over a bar, but we only noticed a little bit of noise on just one evening, when we went back to the cabin early, but it was quiet by 10 or so. We had fun will all our neighbors, and are still friends with a few from that trip. We never minded the walk, and loved the bigger balcony. I think you might be missing a lovely opportunity by not taking it. If you look at the newer ships, they are all suites and lofts because there is a higher demand for that location.
  9. Lynne95

    Paid Upgrade Fairy visited us

    Me too, would love to receive an upsell call! Would love to have any Jr. Suite on Anthem in March. So call me, maybe?
  10. bayob - good to know. We are also on the 3/27 cruise, and I admit I'm a bit nervous, but we are go-with-the-flow people, and am eager to see this beautiful ship! Happy to hear you enjoyed it enough to book another cruise.
  11. This is timely. We were just talking about this last night. We are thinking of taking the train up to NYC. Wondered how we would get to the ship, and then back to the depot. Eager to read any additional posts!
  12. I am transfixed by your photos, they just get better and better. I can hardly wait for the next morning to see your next installment. Awesome Job!!:D:D
  13. I have really enjoyed your review! Your photos are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing with so many of us!!! I do have one small question...was that omelet cooked all the way through? I was hoping it was cheese oozing out around the edges, but when I watched the video you suggested, it looked as if perhaps they don't cook them completely. I will have to try and make them for brunch over a fire, if I can find a pan with a very long handle!
  14. Lynne95

    Key Card Color

    I keep mine on a stretchy bracelet. I can push it up my arm, under a shirt sleeve, to put it away if need be. Makes it easier to find in my purse during port days. I have also made a number of bracelets with colorful beads and just slip the key ring onto it to hold my sea pass. It started when on our first cruise, during the cabin crawl, someone gave every woman a stretchy bracelet and every man a can koozie, have used mine every since.