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  1. 15,121 posts and 1038 days at sea, now that is impressive. I am sure you have seen a lot of changes. I really like the sound of all inclusive dining on Virgin, just thought I would share it on here as on my last cruise a lot of loyal Celebrity cruisers were complaining about the cost of the speciality dining and the intrusiveness of the hard sell to the point that even when actually eating in the MDR they were coming to the table with their boards. Still enjoyed my cruise mind you.
  2. I am well aware of that. The point I was making is that, in my opinion, Celebrity like the other cruise lines are getting away from the all inclusive experience and maybe some Celebrity cruisers like myself are getting tired of their continual extras. I used this opportunity to inform others.
  3. Of course we will have to wait and see their pricing but good to see Virgin coming into the market and reverting to all inclusive dining rather than offering speciality dining to those who want to spend the whole cruise telling everyone they speak to that they have been to the speciality dining restaurants. Virgin Voyages does not believe in paying more for great food and ditched the traditional up-charges levied when dining in speciality restaurants at sea. Virgin Voyages has designed all eateries on board to offer exceptional made to order eats and opted to include all restaurant food in the voyage fare.
  4. If you haven't been before why bother with speciality dining? The food on the ship which you have already paid for is excellent and really varied. Speciality dining is not necessary, spend your money on excursions and dine out at home. The cost of speciality dining is now ridiculous as are the drinks packages. If you want a drink though it is best to get the package as they really rip you off if buying ad hoc on the ship. That's my opinion of course. Be prepared to be pestered on the ship about speciality dining as they really push it.
  5. And that would explain why I can't book select dining. I couldn't understand why working to cruise - 59 could as they stated they were in the same slot as me.
  6. #When I say I can put in times for select dining I mean that when I go in to make a reservation it allows me to go in, select our names, select a date and time then when it pulls up the options they are all paid restaurants. Definitely no option for Celebrity Select Dining. I also tried your route but same again. :(:( Thanks for your help.
  7. Thanks for the reply but I am still not getting this option, as I say it must be the way my account is setup. I'll try giving them a call.
  8. Hi, I had tried that and have tried it again putting in different times but I never get the option for select dining. Either it's blocked for my booking or I am doing something wrong. I am going into Cruise Planner - Dining & Beverage - View All Dining and only the speciality restaurants come up. If I select Make a reservation and put in my details, same thing?
  9. Hi Working to cruise - 59, I tried to do this after reading your post as I have the same predicament i.e. 8.45 pm which is too late. I could only seem to book speciality restaurants. How were you able to select MDR as your option? Thanks Ernest
  10. Cheers[ quote=fizzy1;56724472]Jardin Tobaco. Right in the centre Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. Thank you to everyone who replied. I may have to reconsider my options of which there are plenty.
  12. Many thanks for your comprehensive reply. Regards Ernest
  13. Hi, Which terminal do Celebrity use when docking in Lisbon? We are supposed to dock at 09.00 and there is a tour I want to take which starts at 10.00. It's a 20 minute walk to the meeting point and I am wondering if I can make it? Regards Ernest
  14. Hi Everyone, I am taking my first cruise with Celebrity in October on the Silhouette out of Southampton. Will there be an option to pre-book shows before the cruise or is it just turn up on the night? Thanks in advance Ernie
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