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  1. Grenouille21

    Rci app

    So am I reading this thread right? There is NO free messaging on the Symphony, or most of the Royal fleet??? How is that possible? Disney has had free messaging on their app for years. Messaging that works on the ships AND their private island. Holland America had free messaging on their app when we sailed to Alaska this summer. How can Royal be SO far behind the times? That's really disappointing!
  2. Grenouille21

    So, talk to me about Alaska...

    We did an Alaskan cruise last summer (link in my signature) on Holland America. It was amazing!! Definitely something everyone should do at least once. My kids were 14 and 12, and they loved the ship's smaller size, and the fact that there weren't very many kids on board so they had the counselors paying lots of attention to them. The kids club counselors gave me the BEST advice on everything on the ship, from where to find the best drinks, which was the coolest bar, and when and where we would see wildlife, and when and where to go t see the best glacier views. There are a few things to consider when booking an Alaskan cruise: where do you want to begin and end your cruise, do you want to do round trip or one way, do you want to do a land portion with your cruise, and do you want to see Glacier Bay. I'm sure there are more things to consider, but those were the big ones. I'll share our choices and how they worked out. Most of the cruises visit the same ports in Alaska. I knew that we wanted to visit Glacier Bay, and there are only a few cruise lines allowed in there. That limited us to Princess and Holland (I think another line goes in but I'm not sure). I had read that leaving from Seattle sends you out in the ocean, around Vancouver Island, and that is less scenic and rougher seas. Leaving from Vancouver yields better scenery and calmer waters. That was what I had heard anyway, and it led us to an itinerary that left from and returned to Vancouver. I debated about doing a land portion in Alaska, but I was overwhelmed and planning on a short time frame, so we chose to spend time in Vancouver and Whistler instead. We had never been there and it was a great choice for us. Glacier Bay is a National Park in Alaska. It is totally worthwhile and I strongly recommend finding an itinerary that goes there, especially if this may be a one-and-only trip. As far as cold weather and not being outside on the ship, that didn't bother me at all. There was a great lounge on a high floor with big windows, where you could watch the scenery, look for whales and dolphins and seals and otters, and you could stay warm. The last sea day, when we were returning to Vancouver, the weather was great, so I sat outside and watched the amazing Inside Passage. I watched fishing ships, watched porpoises jumping in the ship's wake, saw whales, and more. It was great. People were lying out in the sun and swimming outside, though it wasn't quite THAT warm. But I didn't miss the idea of being out on deck basking in the sun. I got so much reading done, and saw so many cool things I had never seen before. I was never bored. Happy to answer any questions you might have about Alaska!
  3. Will you update with what type of room you end(ed) up with? I am in a similar situation, where staterooms in our guarantee category are almost gone, and we do not have a room assignment. I have been told they may have pulled rooms from the inventory so they can assign them to guarantees, so that may be why it appears that all rooms are booked when you search online.
  4. Grenouille21

    Escape Room on Symphony

    I was trying to be nice by giving the phone people the benefit of the doubt, that perhaps SOMEONE might know something... 😉 But thank you! Your post does help. Cruise Planner still says you must be 14+ to participate so we will have to wait until we are on board. Who knows if we will even have time for an escape room, but at least now I know he could do it if he wants to. Thanks!
  5. Grenouille21

    Escape Room on Symphony

    I doubt I would get a solid answer by calling. I was hoping someone had either successfully or unsuccessfully had a 13 year old participate in the Escape Room.
  6. Grenouille21

    Escape Room on Symphony

    Can I add a related question? My son is 13. He has done an Escape Room before, and he is extremely good at solving puzzles (I only mention this to address the issue of possible boredom). Does anyone know if there is any wiggle room as far as allowing a 13 year old to participate?
  7. Grenouille21

    What is you favorite cruise hack on RCCL

    @fizzywm So let's say I get VOOM for my phone, and use the HooToo to connect my kids' phones. Will we all have wifi all over the ship, or only in the room?
  8. Can anyone go to Wonderland (SOTS) for drinks and dessert only, without having dinner there? I thought I had read that somewhere, and that you can pay a per-dessert price, but I can't find it anymore. We prefer to eat in the MDR due to my daughter's allergies, so we likely won't have dinner there, but we could definitely do dessert and drinks! Thanks!
  9. Grenouille21

    Wonderland for Kids

    Does anyone here know if you can go to Wonderland with kids just for dessert? I thought I had read somewhere that this was an option.
  10. What a fun review! I love your writing style; you seem to write the way you (probably) speak, which is a very difficult thing for most people to pull off. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! We will be taking our first journey with Royal on an Oasis class ship and I have been a bit worried about the size of the ship. Not so worried anymore!
  11. Hello, I was wondering if the pullman bed on EOS is always over the main bed? I am sure my children will fall off as both of them move around a lot in their sleep and the rail looks tiny. The room we are interested in does not appear to have a sofa bed, so the pullman is the only official option. Are there bigger rails available to keep a person from falling off? Is the sofa big enough for an adult size person to sleep on for a week? I guess we could bring an air mattress for the floor but that seems like a lot of effort.
  12. Grenouille21

    Falmouth Advice - things to do

    We opted for a resort day, and it was tied for our favorite port day. We went to Hilton Rose Hall, rented a cabana at the lazy river pool, and were waited on hand and foot. We had access to water slides, including one that led to a swim up bar where we could pick up a drink and cruise back to the cabana. Our lunch was included and served in our cabana, at our request. We could order anything on the menu. Truly an amazing experience.
  13. Grenouille21

    Who do I contact about food allergies?

    Yes, do this. They will send you an automated reply, and then a more detailed reply as well. Include your reservation number, the allergy, and the name of the person with the allergy. Symphony has a dedicated prep area for allergies. They will advise you to head to the Main Dining Room upon boarding to discuss the allergy, schedule reserved dining vs. My Time, talk to a manager at the buffet and they will make a special meal, and advise any specialty restaurants of the allergy ASAP so they can prepare a safe meal. We are sailing with a tree nut allergy, and this was what we were told. Just make sure you email them and give them enough time to note your reservation.
  14. Thank you! I really appreciate all of the info you are sharing. Hope you had an amazing time!! 🙂
  15. Enjoying your review!! We sail on the Symphony in March. Question about the above post. Was the long line at the airport just for checking bags? Was that at Miami or FLL? We only do carry-on luggage, would we avoid that long line? I am trying to decide between a 10:30 flight or a 4:30 flight, both out of Miami. We have TSA pre-check.