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  1. I'm new to NCL, but I have this show booked on my upcoming Breakaway cruise. I don't believe there was a Premium seat selection when I booked. We choose the SDP as one of add-ons, so we paid just $12 for the dinner show for my husband and I, but full price $47.99 for our daughter Hope that helps!
  2. I'm on this cruise in March, would love to hear about Coral Breeze in Belize City, please post after your cruise. have a great cruise!
  3. Thanks for the answers Sent from my iPad using Forums
  4. I’m guessing no. The website lists Pepsi products, ginger, tonic. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  5. We will be new to NCL, are looking at a spring break (March 2019)cruise on the Breakaway. Trying to figure out which promos to choose. Will be 3 in our cabin The cruise already has free unlimited Wifi. we will likely go with a dining package and pay for my daughters meals. If we choose the UBP, will they add a soda package for my 14 yo daughter? It doesn't look like it adds it to the booking, but I haven't added passengers. We think we'd drink enough cocktails to make paying the gratuities worthwhile, but not sure it will be if we have to pay for a soda package. DD is not a soda drinker, but does enjoy non-alcoholic cocktails. Thanks in advance!
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