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  1. I would get dropped off in front of the convention center. That is where we walked to to get an Uber after our cruise. They couldn't get near the terminal for the traffic. Easy walk to the back side to the terminal.
  2. 6 weeks! I'm envious! Glad to hear Uber went well. While I am embarking on 1/5 with both ships in port we are the only ship in port when we disembark.
  3. This is due to traffic issues with both Freedom OTS and Norwegian Epic embarking on the same day. There will be 8000+ people disembarking that morning and 8000+ others trying to embark. This has been causing complete gridlock trying to get to the port. Those sailing Epic have been told not go come to the port before 1:00 and that they won't be able to go inside if they arrive before that. Sounds as though they're trying to get the bulk of them through before Freedom passengers begin arriving. Typically I would expect to board around 11:00, but that is just not happening right now. I wouldn't h
  4. We visited Grand Caymen and Belize on the Breakaway last year. On Belize we had a NCL excursion. We met in the dining room and tendered together. Excursions were released to the tenders based on start time of the excursion. On Grand Caymen we had a private excursion. They told us proof of an excursion would serve as a priority tender ticket. We were ready to go as soon as the first tender was called and walked off with no wait at all. It was actually a lot quicker than with the NCL excursion, but that may have just been lucky timing.
  5. We flew into San Juan a couple of months after hurricane Maria. We got in at 1:00 in the morning. Because options were still very limited and it was so late we stayed at the airport hotel. It's not the greatest, but was very convenient. You can collect your luggage and walk right into the hotel. The front desk is open 24/7.
  6. We enjoy O'Sheehan's and Shanghai for lunch or late night snack, but I wouldn't choose them over the main dining rooms for dinner.
  7. Lol. Thanks, that's exactly what I needed to know! We have never eaten dinner at the buffet. As a matter of fact, my husband has never been to the buffet at all. But it sounds like we may have to at least stop by on seafood night if we want any shrimp!
  8. Lol, cruise food is definitely a downgrade for you then! We don't have anything better than chains here in the sticks. When cruise fare is no better than that, it's time to consider other options.
  9. Agreed. That's one of the things we enjoy about cruising. The opportunity to eat good food that is different from what we can get at home.
  10. Thanks for the great review and all of the pics. We'll be eating at Cagney's with the SDP. I take it from your comments we should plan on paying the upcharge for the tiger shrimp rather than getting the free shrimp cocktail.
  11. 😪 I used to be able to eat seafood every meal, now it looks like my only seafood options will be at specialty restaurants. For an upcharge. For my convenience of course.
  12. Agree! We go a couple of days early and stay a couple days after our cruise. There is so much to see and do. The history is amazing. We'll be there in January this year so we'll get to check out the festival. Can't wait!
  13. Boarding will typically begin between 11 and 12. You must be aboard by 7. I would expect the muster drill to be around 4-4:30. There will be a makeup drill the next day for anyone who misses it. I personally love spending time in San Juan so always fly in early just to enjoy the town.
  14. The prices are what you are charged if you don't have the specialty dining perk. With the package you are only charged for any items marked 'Dining Package Supplement'.
  15. Well crap! Apparently we need to cruise in the summer. Our wintertime escapes seem to always get hit with the upcharges....🤨😖😠....(muttering obscenities under breath)....
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