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  1. We stayed at Marbella Amazing Oceanfront Condo. Beautiful 2 BR/2 bath apartment with amazing views from every room.
  2. Yes! Wish there hadn't been an upcharge when we last cruised. We'd have used all out specialty dining there!
  3. We've always made reservations for the comedy shows as soon as we board. There is a standby line for the shows, but the venue is small so it fills up quickly. The usually offer a show in the theater. But we prefer the ambience of the smaller shows in Headliners.
  4. There are. What I liked about going to the Box Office was they had a list of entertainment for the entire cruise. I could see the schedule for the whole trip and pick the shows I needed to book. I'm one of those crazy planners that doesn't freestyle well!
  5. On Breakaway you can make your entertainment reservations at the Box Office, Deck 7 forward. Definitely book comedy shows as well as Rock of Ages (great show!).
  6. If you need to book shows or specialty dining, that can be done as soon as you board. We generally arrive at the port between 10-10:30. Never a long wait and board as early as possible. Gives us plenty of time to explore the ship and enjoy a tropical drink on the pool deck before the muster drill. ☀️🍹😎🎉
  7. I would treat it like tipping a taxi driver or porter for handling your luggage. I think we gave him $2 per bag.
  8. Don't be disappointed. San juan is a wonderful port. So much to see in Old San Juan. Take the Paseo de la Princesa from the port to El Morro. Explore the forts and come back through the town. So much history to see. Enjoy a Pina Colada at Barrachina......Oops, you only have 6 hours. Make sure you get back to the ship on time. Enjoy your cruise!
  9. 1. Our favorite place in the Caribbean, the north shore. 2. Lunch at Bathsheba. 3. Harrison's Caves. We loved everything about Barbados. Trying to decide what we're going to do there in January. Would like to see St Nicholas Abbey which was closed last time we were there.
  10. Our party of four did the Los Barbados tour with Glory Tours. One of our favorite excursions ever. We were the only ones signed up for the tour, so we had a van all to ourselves. We went on New Years Day so some places were closed, but they more than made up for it. It wound up being like a private tour of the whole island.
  11. We enjoyed Harrison's Caves. Glory Tours offers some great tours and do an excellent job. Barbados is our favorite island. There are so many must sees including Bathsheba and our favorite Caribbean spot, the north shore. Whatever you decide on, enjoy. It's a beautiful island.
  12. They're OK, but certainly not the largest or nicest caves in the Caribbean. I wouldn't call it a hard pass, but I wouldn't choose an excursion specifically because the caves are included.
  13. We also booked an 11 day on the Epic (Jan 5). We cruised on the Breakaway at the end of January last year. There were maybe a dozen kids on the ship. It was fantastic! (no offense to those of you traveling with children LOL) We love a longer cruise. With all of the wonderful ports on your itinerary you probably won't feel up to staying up late partying, but it makes for a fantastic vacation.
  14. We're sailing Jan 5. I really think this will be resolved long before Epic moves to San Juan in December. We do have insurance if things really go awry.
  15. They're both wonderful, but if I could only do one it would be El Morro
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