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  1. Thanks for sharing Flossie009 and keep it coming. Glad briar14 directed me to your blog as we join Navigator for the next leg of her northern journey
  2. Sorry meant to add..... does anyone know who the key officers and staff are on Navigator at the moment ? It seems to be information that is very difficult to find, but I am sure some of the "well connected" people on here will know.
  3. We join Navigator in a couple of weeks for the Grand North Crossing from Amsterdam to New York. It's been a few years since we were last onboard so looking forward to seeing the refurb. The fact that Regent have refurbed her and there are plans to do more, I suppose that is a positive sign that Regent intend to keep her. As said already, Navigator does enjoy some interesting itineraries due to her small size, the grand crossing being a case in point - we booked that this one almost two years ago !
  4. They did this when we were on Mariner's "Radiant Amazon" Nov/Dec 2017. It's a fantastic spread. Be warned tho, get in quick as the queue thru the galley was huge. There are also food stations around the main dining room too, so you have other options if the queue is too long.
  5. I agree with the comment about why have Prime 7 as the only speciality restaurant when you can get just about anything "Prime 7 ish" in Compass Rose. To be honest Prime 7 has never been my favourite. I think Pacific Rim would be a perfect option given you have CR and Setti Marie covering western/european cuisine. We have not had any issues getting another reservation, but if you share you will have a better chance.
  6. We were on Mariner about a year ago and had a bridge, galley and back stage tour. They are all worth doing, but ask and sign up as soon as you get onboard. I do hope Regent continue these - I only mention that as we were on Oceania Riviera recently and they said there were no bridge or galley tours as that was company policy. Was our first time on Oceania, so cannot comment, but was surprised given it is Regents sister company.
  7. We have been on Navigator three times, although maybe 3 years since last on board. There's no doubt it does have a bit more vibration / noise, compared to the larger modern ships, but remember it originally was not a cruise ship. It's more apparent when the bow thrusters are in use or in heavy seas and also if you are low down towards the stern. To be honest we have never found it to be an issue in the suite. Put it this way, it has not put us off..... we are on Navigator for 20 days later this year.
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