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  1. Gunner22aa

    NCL and Canada

    As a Canadian here is the answer on why a DUI can keep you out of Canada. In many States a DUI is treated as a misdemeanor. In all Canadian Provinces and Territories it is a criminal offense, read felony. We compare whatever your past offense was to our criminal code and if it comes up as a criminal offense in our books it is treated as such. Now if you have been convicted of adultery you have nothing to fear about entering Canada. It isn't an offense here.
  2. Gunner22aa

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    Has anyone on the 20 Jan sailing of the Escape out of NYC heard anything on their offer yet?
  3. Gunner22aa

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    Has anyone seen any upgrade offers come out yet for the 20 Jan sailing of the Escape out of NYC. Patiently waiting up here in frozen Canada.
  4. Gunner22aa

    Best Airport to fly for Port of Los Angeles?

    LAX without question.
  5. So my 20 Jan cruise out of NYC on the Escape now has cabins of both the title description. Can someone tell me the difference, please. My upgrade bids still list pending so I assume if there are any to be won they haven't been awarded yet. The cruise is now not listed on the web page is available anymore yet if you go to Price Line cabins are still shown especially in the Haven. Only my second time on NCL and the first time the cruise was a gift from my aunt and uncle for their 50th anniversary to all of us that were in their wedding party. I was the ring bearer
  6. Gunner22aa

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    16 Days to go and patiently waiting to hear about my bids on the 20 Jan 19 sailing on the Escape. Never done this bidding thing before and now it seems like I'm a 7 year old on Christmas eve! All the bids are still pending so at least they have not thrown me to the sharks just yet. Anyone out there bidding on the same cruise heard anything yet?
  7. Gunner22aa

    Diamond-Drink Packages?

    The Diamond has the soda and the soda and more packages. It does have not nor is scheduled to get the alcoholic package.
  8. Gunner22aa

    Cabin Crawls

    We have had a very active CC group for our trip on the Golden next week. Over 150 will attend the meet and greet. The following day is a cabin crawl and poker run. 7 or 8 cabins to visit one of which is our own.
  9. Gunner22aa

    pricing of suite

    Plays a big factor. We leave on Monday for 31 days in a Vista suite on the Golden. When I booked it was 50% more than a mini and Window Suites were the exact same price as a mini was going for. Our next cruise to Australia was a totally different story. The same suite except on the Diamond cost me 2.5 X the price of a mini.
  10. Gunner22aa

    Clean before you cruise?

    We leave Sunday for 35 days and the cleaning starts in earnest tomorrow. Can't stand coming home to a dirty house
  11. Gunner22aa

    Packing water in checked bag

    You may end up with a trip to the naughty room to fetch your bag if it is x rayed and they suspect it is something other than water. It will only be a minor inconvenience as once you open the bag for them and they see what it is you will be good to go.
  12. I started the other thread. So far I have pre bought over $350 worth of items and $2000 in OBC. All billed in Cdn dollars and all reflected in US dollars. My cruise next week was booked in Cdn dollars about 16 months ago
  13. Gunner22aa

    Balconies on Caribbean Princess

    Caribe deck. The balcony is 9'X9' and half covered. The rest of the balcony cabins are 9'x5'and exposed. The balconies on the aft of the ship (aft facing are fully covered and larger as well.
  14. Gunner22aa

    Pandora Charms

    On Wednesday I finally got the Grandmother charm I ordered on 9 Nov. They told me they can't keep them in stock. The store had 50 on order and they got 8. Thankfully I was number 7 on the list
  15. Gunner22aa

    Golden Princesa Balcony on Aloha Deco

    Yep. From the taking in of the loungers and putting out at 0600 you will get some noise. No way around it. How much it bothers you depends on how light you sleep. I'd find another cabin if it is possible