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  1. First let me say thank you for visiting us here at Cruise Critic. I'm a mostly mainstream line cruiser. If I wanted to pick a luxe line, why would I pick Windstar (other than Oceania which I've sailed on once)? What makes you different? Thanks....
  2. Hello Coral Expeditions Team! My quick question: How easy would it be to combine a B2B sailing on a 7 -day Great Barrier Reef sailing w/ a 3-day Southern? Is this done often? Will you assist with the transfer over? Does the timing work? (embarkation vs departure?) Thanks for visiting here!
  3. Thanks for visiting with us! First, I visited your website and the photos just drew me right in! What's not to like about penquins! Your newest ship -- MS Fridtjof Nansen -- is so futuristic looking. What makes it different than other expedition ships? I noticed another member referred to your ships as "ferries". Can you explain that? I looked at your itineraries and they seem very "cruise line" to me, with definitive ports of call, etc. Finally, are any of your ships "ice breakers"? You can see I like to talk about ships! Thanks, Al
  4. Very interested in the luxe icebreaker just announced. What can you tell us that isn't already out there in PR land???
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