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  1. Psaras Fish Taverna --listed in this guide--- We've eaten here twice and will be back in Nov. http://www.athensguide.com/restaurants.html#plaka
  2. You a great job of describing your cruise. I love the Prinsendam and I am sure I have cruised with you OR followed another "Live from" blog. Thanks so very much, Carolyn
  3. You do an outstanding blog of your adventures along this exciting voyage. I wish I could duplicate the beautiful descriptions and photos of your adventures. My sister and I have had three voyages on the Prinsendam. Your blogs bring back so many memories of the wonderful voyages on the Elegant Explorer, the MS Prinsendam. Thank you.
  4. http://dsc.discovery.com/videos/life-behind-the-scenes-videos/ Scroll down to find the flying fish segment
  5. try this for the video: http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/33612906
  6. lizzielady to 12/3/09 Carnival Dream Eastern Caribbean 9/24/10 Amsterdam Grand Pacific and Australia Thank you!
  7. I followed your voyage with great interest last year--never ever expecting to be lucky enough to take a Grand Voyage. However, we are booked for 69 days for 2010. Jayzee posted a link to this site on the roll call for our 2010 trip. I have spent the entire afternoon re-reading the whole journey. I'm more excited than ever. Thanks!! Carolyn
  8. Tried to do a search to find his latest posts, but got none. Maybe the search was not functioning. Pray that they are just having too much fun cruising!!!
  9. for the information. Selecting an affordable cabin for a long cruise is sometimes difficult, and I appreciate your help!! John, I'll send an e-mail now. Thanks again, Carolyn
  10. We are considering the DD cabins on the Amsterdam for a long cruise. Would appreciate answers to some questions for those of you who are familiar with these cabins. Are there noises from above--from the galley or other venues early in the morning or late at night? The partial sea view --a strained the neck sideways view or just a move the eyes left or right? (sounds silly) Most of the cabins have connecting doorways. Is that a problem? Which cabins have you stayed in and would recommend? Thanks so much for your responses. Carolyn
  11. It is one of my favorites, too. It is combination of passion fruit and guava and is served at breakfast. I made special note of the brand name when they filled the dispenser: Vitality. After an extensive search I found the company, but could not find where you could buy it. Vitality Foodservice supplies cruise ships and other commercial entities with dispensers and beverage products. Hope you find a source.
  12. I don't know about the number of people per room, but it is a very good hotel, right in the plaka, near subway stations, shopping and Syntagma Square.
  13. I bought 5 lbs from this company--it is SO good! http://www.nutsonline.com/driedfruit/crystallized-ginger/premium.html
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