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  1. Once in a lifetime cruise...lucky with the weather too...
  2. "The Ice" (Antartica) putting us in perspective...superb shot...travelling there vicariously with you...
  3. I meant to also say that if you are going to spend some time in Japan before/after your cruise, you might think about buying a Suica card, available at airport etc and you can use it on public transport by tapping on at first place of travel then tapping off when you get to your desitination. It saves lining up for tickets etc and you can top up at 7 eleven and other corner shops. I found it most convenient and can be used to buy groceries etc as well. It is like a plastic card with credit for your transport needs Danny
  4. I think you are going to be just fine. When you exit, Nihon Odori station, walk towards Yokohama Bay direction. The pier and terminal is a leisurely 10 to 15 min walk if you have bags on wheels. If you have some spare time, you might like to visit the Red Brick area. It is opposite the cruise terminal and within easy walking distance too. Bon voyage, and hope your cruise is just as wonderful as mine was on the Diamond Princess, Danny
  5. Feast for all their senses and ours too...you captured the moment ..Danny
  6. I used the app called Hyperdia on my phone and it was fabulous. It will allow you to enter departure and destination stations and give you the schedules with times and transfer stations and even the platform numbers. It gives real time information so you can juggle your time. The trains are easy and efficient and station staff most helpful. Enjoy your trip and the cruise. Danny
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