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  1. By no means are the NCL ships small.
  2. Years back I went on Celebrity Zenith and thought it was huge. I loved everything about it. Now I know what huge is after being on some massive ships. Still, there is something so wonderful about the smaller ships. My favorites, the Jewel class ships on NCL. Lots of little nooks and crannies to be alone while looking at the sea, getting to see the same people over and over, and becoming friends. These huge ships don't allow for those quiet places. I hope the smaller ships stay around longer. Perfect example of how ships were then and now.
  3. emilysmom97

    Cruise Bands - The Royal Swedes

    That's too bad. We all have different tastes. They did do a lot of rock songs vs. Billy Joel, Elton John, etc.
  4. emilysmom97

    Cruise Bands - The Royal Swedes

    You thought they were terrible???? They were the most popular thing on the cruise!!!!
  5. emilysmom97

    Cruise Bands - The Royal Swedes

    Just got off the Anthem 5/26 to 5/31. The Royal Swedes were amazing! The dance floor was packed. We saw every performance!!!
  6. emilysmom97

    Racism and Crews.

    I've been on many cruises and have met many people. We've been invited up to the high-end cabins and suites by cruise mates. I find that most of the higher end cabins have Filipino stewards and the lower decks have Indian and Black stewards. Just my observation. :(
  7. emilysmom97

    Breakaway Haven Restaurant Dinner Menu Oct 2016

    Let me know if these come through large enough to see. Haven Dinner Menu.
  8. emilysmom97

    Breakaway Haven Restaurant Dinner Menu Oct 2016

    Let me try again. I'm usually good with this kind of thing. Get the duck. It was amazing! Yes, I was on The Breakaway last Oct. and the menu has changed. I feel the lunch menu is a bit too "sophisticated" and has more of a dinner type menu. I prefer the pool area menu for lunch. The chicken Caesar salad wrap was delicious and so were the hot dogs. Breakfast is wonderful inside and outside. The upper deck butler was amazing. He brought us snacks, drinks, and sprayed us with a water bottle when it got hot. He got my vote for "Vacation Hero"
  9. emilysmom97

    Breakaway Haven Restaurant Dinner Menu Oct 2016

    My friend had the Sea Bass. Loved it!
  10. emilysmom97

    Breakaway Haven Restaurant Dinner Menu Oct 2016

    :) Ok. I obviously need help with uploading photos from Flickr. I tried uploading the photos from my computer but they were way too small to see. Thought an online service would be better. Not so... :D Can anyone advise me as to how to post quality photos, large enough to see, either from my computer or an online service??? Thanks.
  11. emilysmom97

    Breakaway Haven Restaurant Dinner Menu Oct 2016

    Sorry, was trying to edit because the photos were too small. Lost track of time and the edits were cancelled. One more try. [/img][/img]
  12. Hi. Couldn't find the menu on the forum search and thought some of you may like to look at the latest Haven Restaurant dinner menu on The Breakaway. I've included a photo, albeit a bit blurry, of the lamb chops and duck. Both were great but I preferred the duck. Our server was so nice and just brought the duck out because she had overheard me say that I had a hard time deciding between the two.
  13. emilysmom97

    Breakaway Hurricane News 10/9

    I would NOT be happy going to New England. I just want sunny and warmth, even if it means staying on the ship the entire time.
  14. emilysmom97

    Breakaway Hurricane News 10/9

    I guess I'm hoping for the best but expecting the worst. This storm is looking more ominous. Cat 3 possibly. The Weather Channel said they have never seen a possible direct hit on Bermuda like this. Still, they have a great infrastructure and deal with hurricanes well. My main focus is that Bermuda will be okay and no one will be hurt or left homeless. Any time on a cruise is a great time. :D
  15. Cagney's is my favorite. Service at Le Bistro is hands down the best and the food is delicious. I'm a meat and potatoes girl so that's why I prefer Cagney's. I have been on the Gem, Jewel, Pearl, and Breakaway. The Breakaway had the worst service for Cagney's by far. Rushed, forgot drinks, apps, etc. I just think the Breakaway has too many guests for the amount of personnel. Overall I love NCL. The MDR's are really good as well. Had an excellent chicken Cordon Bleu in the MDR and the turkey lasagna was great. La Cucina, was by far the worst meal. We wanted to get to a show and got there 2 hours early. Since the lasagna was so good in the MDR, I ordered it. Burnt on the bottom...I mean truly burnt. It was 1/2 layer of burnt. The manager came back and said he could bring me another dish. Too late. We had to get to our show and I was totally turned off to having another lasagna. I also noticed that those at the next table barely ate their meals. The manager also asked them if he could bring another dish and they said no. We all like different things. It's all perspective. Tip...O'Sheehan's has the best mozzarella sticks and chicken tenders. Fish and chips are good but they use cod which is very flaky. Kind of falls apart. Just my two cents....maybe a lot more than that. :) Either way, there is always something great to eat on an NCL cruise.