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  1. Has anyone recently done the Carnival tour? Been debating on doing it on our own or going with Carnival since we have onboard credit to use.
  2. Can you tell use about it? Is the MDR open are do you have to pay for your meals at the speciality dining options
  3. How did you find out you were selected? Did the email or call?
  4. I just got a email to volunteer and had to check this board to find out if this was for real or not.
  5. So it's the rapid covid test that takes 15 min and not the antigen test. I'm confused, Carnival is calling the rapid test antigen?
  6. So if you're vaccinated do you have antibodies for the antigen test?
  7. My Feb cruise has bubble excursions for Nassau
  8. Can we use our onboard credit to purchase excursions online or do we have to wait until we board the ship? I tried booking but there was no options to use our credit.
  9. We want to book 2 cabins, my husband and I both have the RU1 offer and want to take my sister and her boyfriend and have them get free drinks too (first time cruisers). Does carnival care who's really in the cabins, our reservation will be tried together as I'm booking both cabins together?
  10. The waiter pulled out the chair and pushed the chair in for me. I was a able to push back the chair when getting out, not the easiest but I managed.
  11. We sat in those chairs the whole cruise. They were comfortable but very heavy to move around.
  12. Just got back from doing the atv and jetski tour. It was a great day, one of best atv tours we have taken so far. They take you up the rainforest for nice views and then you jetski for a hr. Nice beach and restaurant too. Tour started at 9am and we were jet skiing by 11:30, stay the rest of the day on the beach till 3
  13. I understand that point, my perception before cruising on on Celebrity was that it was geared for the older crowd and not for children. Since I turned 40 we decided to try this and enjoyed the more relaxing, laid back experience. It also helped that it was completely revolutionized 😁. Also there was a lot of 30s and 40s that I saw. I've seen much older crowds on Carnival depending on the the time you travel.
  14. I'm not big on posting on any boards, I come to these forums to learn about what to do while on my next vacation.
  15. I'm the average cruiser. We try to cruise twice a year with the kids but could only do that on Carnival so maybe our standards are lower. Any day I don't have to work, cookand clean is the best vacation for me. I was celebrating my 40th so we left the kids at home and wanted to try something new and different. I'm glad we did!
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