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  1. I won’t cruise again until there is a vaccine. There are too many things beyond your control on a cruise ship, and the environment is too contained. We’ve also see there is no guarantee local authorities would even let you dock if someone were to test positive, or get sick.
  2. Having done a back to back cruise last year on the Harmony of the Seas I can say without reservation the Radiance was a far more enjoyable experience for two experienced cruisers in their mid(ish) 60's that don't relish being around over 1,000 kids. We tried the "mega ship as the destination" thing and the" ship within a ship suite level" thing, and it left us wanting. A lot. Then a destination wedding of friends on the Big Island made us reexamine RCI. This was a ten day cruise Vancouver to Honolulu (5 sea days then stops in Maui, Kauai, Hilo, Kona, Honolulu) with 18 more days to Sydney Aust
  3. I haven't dressed up for a formal night in years. You can go to the Windjammer if you wish but what we do is go to a specialty restaurant. They are always "smart" casual. I know a lot of people don't dress up for formal night but go to the main dinning room anyway, but I think it is not respectful to the passengers who do dress up.
  4. I agree with Island Lady..lots of other choices.......I enjoyed the CK setting on Harmony, but the food was just average. We only ate there a couple times on a B2B cruise (14 days). Buy the 3 night dining package....and think of the money your saving by not booking a grand suite (or higher).
  5. Stumbling around in youtube I came across a post that said 40 cruise ships for sale. The source is Apollo Duck, one of THE registry for ships. RCI ships on the list are: Majesty Of The Seas built 1992 Grandeur Of The Seas built 1996 Rhapsody Of The Seas built 1997 Radiance Of The Seas built 2001 Brilliance Of The Seas built 2002 I've got to say sale of the Majesty didn't surprise me... but the Radiance and Brilliance did. Thinning out their mid sized fleet. Not my first time sailing on ships I knew were leaving the fle
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