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  1. pontac, another very detailed post from you. thank you for the information. Glad Mrs P has room for her dresses. I should be able to give my husband some of MY hanging space for his suit and jacket. Nice to know I can get additional hangers. If the boat is fully booked I thought extra hangers might be scarce. πŸ˜‰ Deborah
  2. Ron and I use packing cubes, packing folders and compression cubes. They are so very helpful in organizing and when dealing with limited storage. I prefer slow travel so two weeks or longer at a cruise pace has me crossing my eyes and wondering what we saw where😁. thanks for the encouragement. Deborah
  3. Greetings I like Vacation, your posts were very helpful in my trip planning. I think the storage space will work out just fine. Good to know and thanks for the photos. I didn't remember them from your previous posts on the roll call. Deborah
  4. That's good to know. I was having visions of Ron and me choosing to dress up for dinner just for the heck of it and no one wanting to sit with us.πŸ™ I really like the dress I'm wearing to the wedding and would love another opportunity to wear it on this trip. Deborah
  5. Squawkman, We were very comfortable on our Nordic Viking ocean cruise cabin It was a deluxe veranda size and yes I did laundry once. I hope you like the ships as much as we did. Not doing laundry but I do see myself hauling suitcases in and out from under the bed this trip, our river time is only 7 nights of our 25 nights on this trip. I wasn't sure I would like river cruising so I chose a short trip for a first time. I prefer independent travel so I'm curious if my husband and I will "take to this form of water traveling" 😁 Thanks again, Deborah
  6. mhb, Summer clothes for Italy and Bucharest and autumn weather for this trip since we are staying longer in Budapest along with the formal wear has me stepping up my suitcase size from my usual 22in to a 26in case. I'm assuming that will fit under the bed. Would a gentleman in a sport jacket be over dressed for dinner on a river cruise? Just wondering. Thank you for your helpful information. Deborah
  7. Thanks for the link. Yes, the room looks very compact.πŸ˜„ It would be helpful to have the closet door open in the 360view but I think mhb1757 gave a good description of what is behind the doors. Thank you for posting. Deborah
  8. We are taking our first river cruise on a Viking longboat in a couple weeks and I'd like to know how much clothes storage will be in our French Balcony cabin. My packing is complicated because we are attending a wedding in Italy before our Passage to Eastern Europe cruise. I will have a long dress and cocktail dresses plus my husband will have a suit and sport jacket in addition to the more casual clothing that I've read is worn on a river cruise. Do I need to bring a hanging organizer like I did for our Viking ocean cruise or is there sufficient storage for hanging and folded clothing for two people in the cabin Thank you for any information you can provide. Deborah
  9. chuckie, yes I also love doing the research for the PLACES I am visiting but as a first time river cruise I never realized how much information is not easily discovered about so many aspects of a river cruise. DougK had some excellent points river cruises may be well aware can happen but it seems each river has it's own uniqueness and digging out that information isn't as easy or plentiful as checking TA or Rick Steves for location information. What a disappointment to need to tell someone looking forward to a pricey cruise to lower your expectations because they probably will not be met for one reason or another.
  10. oceans52, after reading your comments I can certainly understand your disappointment. As a first time river cruiser I did not realize how many factors come into play when choosing a cruise line or itinerary. Having you share your situation is very helpful to others. Should I ever consider a cruise on the Main I will remember to consider boat style and access for river viewing from a sun deck. Thank you for sharing your experience. Deborah
  11. I've been researching on CC in preparation for our first river cruise with Viking this September when I saw the notice for the collision between the Viking Sigyn and the tourist boat carrying the South Korean tourists in Budapest. Having a boat start to sink within seconds is mind numbing. My prayers are certainly with all the people affected by this tragedy. Since it's our first cruise I've been monitoring the Danube water levels on that thread, thinking that nothing worse than water levels might cause some disruption to our cruise. Never did I think that there would be the possibility of such a horrible accident involving the loss of so many lives on the Danube. Like Venice is trying to do to protect their beautiful city from too many tourists, is the Danube/Budapest going to have to restrict the river boat numbers and river traffic. Safe travels to all. Deborah
  12. I'm taking my first river cruise and it happens to be with Viking. I have been on their ocean cruises. This is the first time I see information about no curling irons. I went on the FAQ site. We are taking our cruise after a wedding in Italy and I know I will need to pack my travel size curling iron for that segment of our trip. Will I be allowed to keep my curling iron when I get on our cruise. thanks for any information you can provide. Deborah
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