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  1. We were cruising on Avalon Oct. 7th Nuremberg to Budapest & received notice today of changes. The accomodations now are we would be embarking from Vilshofen & receive a free concert in Vienna (an optional tour) They have also offered a full refund. It's an unknown now what the levels are near Budapest. We opted for the full refund & plan on rebooking our river cruise in the spring. Now we know more about water levels & will pick a river cruise that's hopefully okay! Thankfully Avalon has been very helpful throughout! Best wishes to all & may your water levels be perfect!
  2. Thanks Notamermaid, we're hoping the rain from Bavaria & the Alps helps the Danube! We are leaving the end of this week for Nuremberg on an Avalon Danube cruise.
  3. Was your trip on the Avalon Passion July, 2017 last year cancelled? What ship were you on this year that was switched about four weeks? We're leaving the 2nd week in October & hoping for lots of rain!
  4. Here is the Danube thread about water levels you can go to for information- Danube water levels 2018 and similar topics - plus tips and info
  5. We've been on four Ama cruises & love them. Next month we'll be cruising on the Danube with Avalon for the first time. I'm already looking forward to what tomorrow brings for you!
  6. Thanks for the information on your Avalon cruise! It helps to have an idea what may be in store for us come October 7th on Avalon. Any more updates would be greatly appreciated. I hope your lemonade is wonderful!
  7. I contacted Avalon & they said 1-2 weeks out they will know more about our cruise. I've seen they are also offering credits or refunds. I haven't contacted our agent yet. I'm using cruisemapper to see the ships on the Danube. Good to hear you saw an Avalon ship! Thanks!
  8. We're in the same situation, leaving October 7th on Avalon from Munich to Budapest. I see the 10 day weather forecast for that region is dry warm weather. It sure isn't promising for water levels. :(
  9. I'm not seeing an AMA ship in Linz right now. Hopefully it's moving now. Check out Cruisemapper, that's what I've been using. https://www.cruisemapper.com/
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