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  1. I am also monitoring a few cruises in 2022 and they are running really high but I have plenty of time to see how things develop. I wouldn't consider booking at the current prices - they are just too high. I also live close enough to NYC (5 hours) that a last minute deal is an option for us. We shall see.
  2. I'm eyeing up a spring 2022 transatlantic cruise to replace the one that was canceled in April. It's hard to know what to do as there are going to be so many people with FCC to use and if demand is high enough, little reason for NCL to offer good discounts. I'm also set on a spa category balcony so that makes opportunity all the more limited. The current cost is running significantly higher than what I paid for the cruise I canceled. ($1400 more for the two of us)
  3. Unfortunately bankruptcy- even if only a reorganization and not a full closure- generally results in the inability of people to collect any funds or credits thay are owed from the company.
  4. At this point I am going to file a dispute with my credit card company. I'm still waiting on an $800 refund that I requested back at the beginning of March (removal of gratuities and specialty dining package). I was told this would take only 7-10 days at the time (so far I've received $36). I am also waiting on the refund of my canceled cruise that I filed back on 4/10. In light of this most recent information, I am not comfortable waiting 90 days. I'll report back on my success (or not). My credit card company has always been very good about this type of thing. We've b
  5. Does anyone know if travel insurance would kick in if you were eligible for a refund and this happens? It's not really clear on my terms and conditions.
  6. Sorry Cole - been refereeing spats between the kids for the last week as I'm trying to work from home. It's made me a little edgy. I agree - cruises in April are a no go. Just playing chicken with NCL so I can get a refund rather than cruise credit. Fun times!
  7. If you guys want to keep debating this could you go and start a new thread? I have an April sailing and am interested in what others think ABOUT THIS TOPIC. Please stop.
  8. That was my plan too until I saw the prices were more than doubled for the same sailing next spring. I wouldn't mind the cruise credit if Norwegian hadn't jacked up prices making it worth about 50 cents on the dollar. I know this is a difficult time but that was pretty rotten
  9. My transatlantic is scheduled for 4/23 - it is going to be so disappointing if these potential cancellations don't include the TA cruises. I guess we wait and see.
  10. I missed that particular cruise in my search but here is the same cruise I am on now (4/23 departure) but next spring. Spa balcony category (which I am in now) is now sold out so when I do the math I've added another $400 to this total ($7103 - see detail below) to approximate a close comparison My cruise credit is worth about .50 cents on the dollar right now if I were to try and re-schedule the same sailing/same room category/same perks next spring. Keep in mind this is with the "30% off special" running right now for that cruise. I think/hope speculation that prices will c
  11. I also thought the FCC from NCL was a generous offer - until I tried to book a future comparable cruise. The prices are running 2-3 times higher into 2021. Make sure you go all the way through the booking process to the room selection to see the actual price (you can't trust what is on the first page). As an example from yesterday - rebooking a transatlantic cruise (and I am being flexible as far as fall, spring, itinerary and port of departure Europe or US) will cost me about $4,000 per person for a balcony I was able to book for $1800 on the cruise I am scheduled for in April.
  12. CarolinaMamma - cruise critic hero of the day! Thank you so much. I was able to call and get a refund of $1100 for the gratuities and DSC that would have come back to me as a future cruise credit starting tomorrow. YOU ROCK!! NCL is open until midnight - I reached a customer service agent right away. You can do this yourself even if you have a travel agent. Not sure if anyone has priced out future cruises avaialbe for purchase with the pending "cruise credits" but you won't be getting much for your dollar. Prices on similar cruises in the fall and spring are pr
  13. PS - Be careful about upgrading. I could have gotten into a spa mini-suite for a small upgrade but they were all under the pool area. No thanks. I'll pass and stay in my spa balcony in the location I want.
  14. I called my TA last week and received about 30% in onboard credit (the "purchased" kind, not the "non-refundable" kind which is a big win) in recognition of a price drop on my April cruise. I'm happy with that. I'll continue to watch prices to see if categories above mine (Haven) come down. If they drop low enough I may upgrade but that category is fairly booked up so I'm not counting on it.
  15. I almost passed by this post based on the title. I was concerned I would be reading about a young millennial who was not satisfied with conditions on the ship and was prone to fits of crying on and off throughout the cruise. However - I am glad I did read this as I will NOT mess with this snowflake. I like it cold in my room and I think I would have been tempted to press it thinking it would up the chill factor. Thanks for the info! I am always amazed by the helpful gems of information that come off of these boards. Things I never would have thought of.
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