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  1. Hi Debbie, We are going on the Silhouette on the 23rd and we have been following FB as well as CC and there is more info on FB at the moment. I can't answer your query regarding the concierge lunch as we will be doing the Aqua. From what I have read it is being held in the main dining room but on another thread it said that they had gone to the Oceanview for the lunch as the Concierge was not available. All reports i have read on the FB page indicate that cruising is back as good as it was before just a bit quieter.
  2. Below is a copy of what was sent to me with my booking confirmation. If you go on to the Healthy at Sea section it also states that over 18's need proof of 2 vaccines and those over 2 will have to take an antigen test at the port prior to boarding. So far no mention of negative test 72 hours prior to boarding.
  3. I booked a sailing round the UK for the 23rd July and when I was speaking to the X sales agent she confirmed that inside and oceanview on the Silhouette are being used to allow social distancing between crew members.
  4. We have booked an Aqua cabin for the July 23rd 8 night cruise. I also upgraded to the Elevate package for the premium drinks, my wife likes the Martini bar, so the total cost was just shy of £2,000 each. Compared to a 5 star hotel anywhere in the UK I think the pricing is great. £250 per night for full board, all drinks included, entertainment, etc is not something you would find on a land based hotel experience.
  5. Sorry I am from Scotland so what do you expect😄
  6. Sounds like a very sober idea or are you going to be drinking the specialty coffee🧉😉
  7. There was an item on our national news that covered venice during the lockdown and the locals are all rethinking the decisions that have been made because they now realise that they need the tourists, so who knows what will happen.
  8. Hi Limpit, been on 7 Celebrity cruises before and have never seen this. I always have at least the classic package, which I usually upgrade, so it could have been offered before but I was not offered it because of the package I had.
  9. I received the email about 7-8 weeks ago and tried to upgrade but it was not showing on the planner page. I contacted Celebrity UK who advised that our sailing did not qualify for the sail so they gave me the equivalent of what I would have saved as OBC as an apology for getting the email in error. Lo and behold I got the same email last week and went in to my cruise planner and was able to book it so I ended up saving the 10% discount plus the $30 or so that I got in OBC. What a boost, thanks Celebrity🍸🍸
  10. There was a Quisine on deck 5 prior to the refurb and as far as I can see it is still there on the current plan. It is at the stern of the ship on the way to the Blu restaurant and Tuscan Grille. I am on Equinox in just over 2 weeks so if it has disappeared I will let you know. I actually think it is now Quisine / Le Petit Chef. Alan
  11. Biggest problem at the moment is that BA has notified a lot of people in error that their flights are cancelled. We fly out of Aberdeen then Heathrow on the 11th Sept. We got an email on Friday telling us that they both had been cancelled. Spoke to our TA on Saturday and they eventually came back to me saying that our flight was still showing as scheduled and an email had been sent to us in error. An hour later I got an email from BA saying that they had made a mistake and our flight was still going ahead. Willma I would check with your TA before doing anything. Alan Taylor
  12. I'm maybe missing something here but from reading MJSailors question it would appear that she has been on the Summit in the past but has not been on any Celebrity ship that has been revolutionized. If that is the case then she is listening to reviews from other people and we all have to remember that not all people like the same thing. The old saying is very true, 'You can't please all the people all the time'. IMHO Celebrity do a very good job all round. We have done several cruises and prefer Celebrity above the others we have tried but then again this is my personal preference and others may prefer Royal Caribbean or Norwegian more than Celebrity.
  13. Hi Captain John, You haven't said if this cruise was booked through a travel agent or with celebrity direct. I would think the first course of action would be to contact the people you booked the cruise through and discuss this with them. If it was booked through celebrity I would personally speak to them and explain your predicament and I am sure that they will come to an agreeable solution. I have dealt with celebrity a few times and have always found them to be accommodating though i have never had to cancel and re-book a cruise yet. Good luck and hopefully a successful outcome. Alan Taylor
  14. When we got back from our last cruise my local bar wouldn't let me get drinks on my room pass either. I must have drunk too much on the ship😀
  15. Suite Susie, I got the below email in April announcing the launch of the MoveUp programme and enrolled. So far I have heard nothing in regards to our September cruise but that's maybe because we haven't quite reached the final payment day. Alan Taylor UPGRADE YOUR CRUISE We are very excited to announce the launch of our Celebrity MoveUp programme in the UK. Perfect for those who want to make their holiday even more special, Celebrity MoveUp allows you to bid to upgrade your stateroom after you’ve purchased your cruise. You can even increase your chances by making offers on multiple staterooms. Click. Bid. Upgrade. FIND OUT MORE →
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