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  1. We’ve used tourtravelandmore.com twice and we’ve been very pleased both times. Once was a day in Madrid and another a day in Lisbon/Sintra. Both included a driver and guide — very personable, knowledgeable and flexible. We’d leave the car frequently and then be picked up when we were ready. I recommend them highly and plan to use them again.
  2. Taxi to the airport should take 20 to 30 minutes. Whether there will be plentiful taxis available depends on the dock you’re assigned. If you’re at Adossat Quay taxis are plentiful. If you’re at the World Trade Center there are fewer taxis and long waits - especially if there’s more than one ship there.
  3. We just returned from 12 days on Marina. I saw many more sports coats than usual -- perhaps attributable to the weather which was generally in the 50s to mid 60s. More than one gentleman wore suits with ties frequently. However I also saw much more casual dress than in years past. The table next to us one evening in Polo had two young men wearing sweatshirts and jeans. When entering Red Ginger a man in front of us was wearing a short sleeved shirt with shorts and sneakers and was seated graciously. Another evening in the GDR there was a man with sports coat, cargo pants and dockers. None of this had any effect on my enjoyment of the evening or venues — it was just very different and noticeable. Nor did it change my typical long-sleeved shirt, dress slacks and dress shoes.
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