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  1. You got that right. I'm a Miami-based bargain-hunter and your assessment of the Caribbean market is faultless. Fluctuations are common during Wave Season, indeed HAL's recent prices have dipped.
  2. Thirty models? That's quite a cruise history. Mine is minuscule compared to yours. I have tried to track them down using the ship's stores' vendors. You can't buy them individually, only in lots. Some of them are ceramic showpieces, not exactly reproductions. I went crazy finding a Carnival Destiny model, found one slightly damaged on Ebay. Another source for small-scale models is https://www.1250ships.com/ where I found "Kungsholm," "Oceanic" and the yacht "Christina O."
  3. Hhhhmmm. I was aboard her last year and bought the authorized model. I might be interested in yours. Would you post a picture of it, maybe two or three showing various angles?
  4. Welcome to the Ship Model Collector's Club. I found three of mine on Ebay and two on 1250.ships.com Although I haven't been collecting them very long, it's really fun to hunt down the rarer ones and, of course, to buy them aboard. This is my most recent addition, Dec. 2019, taking her place between Liberty of the Seas and Song of America. Good luck!
  5. DON'T DO IT! Unless you have the vision and coordination required to perform precision plasticectomy surgery, leave it to the pros. Those clear holders are detachable and recyclable.
  6. Sean Penn spotted aboard MSC Armonia Sept. 30-Oct. 7
  7. I understand your "disgust" at a whiff of burning leaves. The problem is that the cruise lines fail to properly erect a well-ventilated perimeter in a clearly marked area that reduces the probability of your getting that whiff. Increasing separation between smokers and non-smokers is the key. Maybe vestibules would limit whiffs entering interior spaces whenever a door opens. Personally, I really don't like the aroma of cigarettes, but cigar smoke is heaven-sent.
  8. Thank you for FINALLY covering an issue that's near and dear to my cigar-smoking heart. I'm booked on this ship Dec. 9, after spending a week on the MSC Armonia. THAT ship is very tobacco friendly.
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