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  1. Sure got a lot of opinions. I have a special need and most of the cabin attendants have been very understanding. I appreciate their help. So I will continue to appreciate what they do. If it's considered a bribe-so be it- I show my appreciation.
  2. We've been on several cruises and I always wonder if the staff-especially the cabin attendant know if the customer has prepaid tips? Also are they informed if the customer removes tips from the account for poor service? We prepay but also for excellent service tip the cabin attendant a little before the cruise and after. Thanks
  3. We are going to St. Thomas- Has Bluebeards Castle re-opened for tours?
  4. Going on Carnival and through them is a tour in D.R. called Monkeyland and Puerto Plaza City tour. we are NOT shoppers and was woundering if the City Tour part of this was a lot of shopping or are there interesting things to see. thanks
  5. jofred

    Bermuda Beach

    I read somewhere of a nice beach very close to the cruise port in Bermuda. Anyone have info on the beach-activities-distance from the ship-any other details would be appreciated
  6. Leaving out of Baltimore in mid-September. Once we get to Bermuda we're OK BUT what is the clothing for the cruise to and from- we are definitely outdoor people. and plan to be outside on deck as much as we can. we will experience constant Atlantic wind? We have cruised the Caribbean, EWS and do great in bathing suits, shorts etc. thanks
  7. We know we can Uber from Orlando to Port Canaveral BUT is Uber readily availble when we get off the ship in Port Canveral?
  8. We are leaving out of Baltimore headed to Bermuda. We'd appreciate clothing ideas crossing the Atlantic on ship. Will it be cool and windy? I think we have an idea of the weather in Bermuda- it's the trip we are concerned about. thanks
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