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  1. The advise and information we got was very helpful but we went with yours and it solved the problem. Thanks so much.
  2. Thank you for both replies, they are both very helpful.
  3. We are on the Eclipse as of yesterday. My wife brought a water pick which she would like to plug inthe bathroom. I thought it had a normal plug, two-prongs with one slightly wider than the other. The only plug I've located in the bathroom is on the ceiling above the sink, but the water pick plug will not fit into it. Does anyone know of a possible solution? Thanks
  4. Wow what a snowflake. Guess you got you feelings hurt.
  5. Aside from our large checked bag my wife and I plan on taking two carry on bags on the flight to our port city which will contain our valuables, necessities, and some important clothing in case our checked bag goes awry. What do people recommend as far as boarding the ship with the carry on bags instead of risking a problem at the port. Is this allowed? is it a hassle? Any other thoughts? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the words and photos. We board in Buenos Aries. What is the tall chocolaty libation?
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