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  1. Well, I've wasted another hour of my precious youth (?) this morning on hold with X, since I never received the promised call back. Supposedly, a supervisor escalated my issue to the mysterious Accounting Department, and now a full refund is being processed, to be returned to my CC. But it might be another 30 days. REALLY? I'll believe it when I see it. Fortunately, I have at least 30 days in the billing cycle before the rebill becomes due. If you feel the Earth shake around that time, the epicenter of the quake will be at my house in South Carolina. I truly feel sorry for the peo
  2. The documentation X presented to my CC company consisted of screen shots showing that they had issued me a FCC which charged a penalty. No reason for the penalty was given. I thought this was corrected through my phone call of 4/1, when the agent assured me that the small initial amount was a "computer error". The screen shot had sections whited out (?), although it appeared that there were additional pages that were not included. I could see the 4/1 date at the bottom, but none of the information pertaining to my call. I spent over an hour on the phone with X yesterday. Their p
  3. Hotels, airlines, cruise lines and even camp grounds now make use of software that automatically adjusts pricing based on demand, closeness to the requested date, and any other criteria the user wants. It's harder to beat the system than it used to be.
  4. An update to my tale of woe: Celebrity contested my credit card dispute, just before their opportunity to do so expired. Instead of the thousands of dollars they owe us, in their documentation, they reverted to the minuscule FCC they incorrectly issued back in March, which included a "penalty". They claim to owe us nothing else, since our port taxes were refunded. Celebrity cancelled our cruise the week before sailing, not me. I thought that we had this straightened out in a phone call with Celebrity back on 4/1. Guess I should have suspected an April Fool. The disputed amount is back on my cr
  5. I posted previously about our trials getting a refund for the 4/5 Silhouette sailing. We're now nearly 2 months from when I requested the refund (on the form which was inexplicably "lost")and 6 weeks from the April 1 email I received from X stating I would see a refund within 30 business days (I suppose "business days" are like "restaurant minutes" when you're waiting for a table). I received a small credit, which I assume was for port taxes (no explanation) weeks ago. I spent 2 hours on the phone today, mostly on hold, trying to get some idea when the balance would process. Rep #1 must only d
  6. I spent much of my career doing IT procurement. The problem may not entirely be the fault of the IT department (although Celeb's certainly designed a pretty creaky website for the 21st Century) - it can also be how the request was translated into requirements for the programmer. I've seen this happen in large companies I worked for, with unpleasant results. I think, in this case, the programmer was probably not aware that there was a difference between customers who cancelled and Celebrity cancelling a cruise.
  7. Our April 5 Silhouette cruise was cancelled by Celebrity on March 14. I filled out the on-line form that day, requesting a full refund. Unfortunately, their system does not send any sort of confirmation. On March 30, I received an email stating that we would be receiving FCC for a fraction of the amount. After a few attempts at calling, I reached a very nice CSR who corrected the error. It seems some computer geek tried to help with the huge volume by running a program to make mass changes in their system, resulting in mass errors in many folks' accounts. That sure didn't help the call volume
  8. Thanks to hcat for the call early suggestion. For anyone else who needs assistance, although the phone lines open at 7 Eastern time, there is no one with access to refund info and such until after 9. If anyone runs into the issue I had, know that it was caused by an attempt to expedite FCC's electronically. The program they ran included the penalty that was applicable to people who cancelled prior to cruises being cancelled by Celebrity. For some reason, my online refund request was "lost", even though it said it was accepted when I entered it. The rep I spoke to was very helpful, and I antici
  9. In January, I booked an April 5 cruise that was one of those cancelled by Celebrity. I filled out the on-line form requesting full refund on March 14. I paid with a credit card back in January. I paid the Visa bill in full the following month. I received an email today telling me a have a "Cruise with Confidence" Future Cruise credit for a fraction of our fare! I just spent an hour on the phone on hold with Celebrity without getting through. Got tired of listening to the commercials for Edge, the Galapagos, blah, blah, blah, over and over, and will attempt to call another day. We have Elite st
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