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  1. She actually worked there. She was off that day and hanging out. When I complained to one of the workers they had said she worked there and they would have her removed. They eventually removed her. She was wasted, and just yelling out for us tourists to go back where we came from, calling people fat a$$es...on and on. We ended up going to Megan's Bay this time...very crowded...still not loving St. Thomas.
  2. Jack's Shack is on the left right before Governor's Beach. Then head down to Pillory Beach and Bihio Beach Resort is there and they have a bar on the beach. After there head to the lighthouse and they have a bar there. Those are the three places we hit up and got drinks to go when we left.
  3. Maxauto rentals went very easy. Our golf cart went a decent speed, another couple that was following us to the lighthouse rented from another company and had a pinkish golf cart, theirs wasn't nearly as fast as ours. Walk out the gate and they are waiting right there on the right side. Handed him my paper work and off we went. Very easy experience. They also gave us a small map and pointed out some tourist areas recommended.
  4. We went to Sapphire based on everyone's recommendations and we were harassed by a drunk local. It was very crowded and I was not super impressed with the scenery. We are trying to find a new beach to go to. If you got to Sapphire they do have a bar/food options there and snorkeling gear for rent.
  5. How was your experience? I rented two carts next week.
  6. Yes my children sleep in the beds and walk on the cabin floor...hence why I said I tip my room stewart directly extra money...usually $20-$40 more depending on service. I also stated we leave tip money at the buffet at the end of the week too. Camp counselors do the most work when it comes to my children in the past. This year probably not as much as they are getting older. I leave a nice tip for them directly too. I would love to see them charge gratuities based on the percentage of your room fare...
  7. For our family with 2 children the auto grats have now brought us up to $392 for our total trip, which is a rate of 18% of my room cost, that is a hefty tip tray versus a couple who pay below $200, approximately 10% of their room cost. If it were just my spouse and I, auto grats seem reasonable, and a side tip to those that we encountered more face to face. However, an auto grat of $392 for my family is a bit high. My children eat on the go, either buffet, the grill or the pizza parlor. No one is serving them at any of these establishments. My husband and I usually use the MDR 1-2 times, as we prefer a more casual dining atmosphere at the buffet. My kids spend maybe a few hours a day at camp, until they make friends and go to the water park or do other activities on the boat for them. Is it wrong for a family of 4 who do not use many of the services to reduce their gratuities to that of a couple? $180-$200. I then give an extra $10-$30 to those at the camp, our waiter, buffet staff we see often and our room steward depending on how much we used their services. This usually adds up close to $300 in tips total by the time we are done. We also tip room service, bar tenders and others above the auto grat on our checks as well. We are far from cheap, but we are reasonable. Each person has their own situation, we should not be quick to judge them and call them cheap because they reduce their auto grats. I would rather pay higher in cruise fees, and leave my own tips as I see fit, then have to cover lower wages.
  8. We ended up going to Sapphire Beach. I do not recommend it. The beach was crowded, the water was dingy and the local people were nasty to us. They did not like tourists invading their precious beaches. We are going to St. Thomas again in January, we are either taking the ferry over to St John's or water island.
  9. We went right there after you get off the boat. When you walk through the gates there is strip of shops on the main road. Cross the street, go to the right and the liquor store is maybe 3 stores down.
  10. I think we paid a deposit, then paid the rest when we arrived. That was a year ago. It was a nice tour. We got to learn a lot about St. Thomas and enjoy the beach. The problem with St. Thomas is the people that live there that came from the US. They are very rude. Best liquor prices in St. Thomas.
  11. The turtle farm is all the way up at the end of the beach. Our plans are to head to the turtle farm, spend time there, then on the way back towards the boat stop at the beach and relax for a little while.
  12. I would appreciate any input in regards to our stop at Grand Cayman. We are traveling with a group of 8. We plan on going to the turtle center and spending some time there, we were wondering is there still time to stop at a beach on the way back? What is the recommended mode of transportation? If we take the bus do they really run daily as their schedule states? Can we go to the turtle center spend 2-3 hours and get to see everything, then catch the bus and stop at the beach for an hour or so, catch the bus again and get back to the boat? Thank you! Any added feedback is appreciated as well.
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