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  1. From ABC News Australia: NSW Police homicide squad launches criminal investigation into Ruby Princess coronavirus deaths. Police have launched a criminal investigation into whether the operator of the Ruby Princess downplayed potential coronavirus cases before thousands of passengers disembarked in Sydney last month.
  2. Looking more and more likely. They must have had the results early this morning PST, no reason to delay announcing if everyone was negative. Drawing up a response plan for another Diamond Princess takes a little longer. Since there's now "community spread" of the virus in several US cities, any cruise ship risks having cases emerge mid-voyage. Grand Princess will no doubt spark many changes to the cruise industry starting this weekend.
  3. Cambodia and HAL: Everybody is fine. Malaysia: Actually, they're not. That's everything you need to know right there.
  4. My wild five cent guess is they'll wind up in Australia, unless one of the smaller closer countries volunteers. Australia has the infrastructure to inspire confidence in it's citizens that they can handle the situation. Also by then it'll be easy to spot which crew and passengers to test before debarking is allowed. In the meantime, HAL is treating Thailand's "no" as a maybe. 🙂
  5. Of course there are no known cases, the ship is not equipped to test for the virus. I find this statement quite misleading. A better question is whether there are any possible cases on board. Those will be discovered by whichever port allows the Westerdam to dock, and if so the question will be: Why wasn't the ship in quarantine? Hoping for the crew and passengers sake this is not the case.
  6. It was a reaction to the thread hijacker a few posts previous to mine. It was petty and I apologize.
  7. The updated news is not good. As of Sunday Jan 26 we have learned that carriers of this disease can spread it to others before any symptoms appear (symptoms appear 2 -14 days after infection). Also the number of infected within China is being greatly under-reported based on first-hand accounts and also based on math... the number of infected people worldwide is 1/25 of the reported cases in China. That means one in 25 infected people in Wuhan chose to travel internationally... statistically very unlikely. Current reported death rate is 15%. Enjoy your che
  8. Circumstances are changing by the day. Now that they know infected people can initially be symptom-free for 2 - 14 days it means checking for fever during check-in is pointless (as is expecting people to self-report having been to Wuhan recently if it means being booted from the cruise). By today's information the risk is low, but all it takes is for one person to become symptomatic during a cruise over the next few weeks to create a PR nightmare for the industry.
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