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  1. jen1016

    Upsell call on Valor

    [quote name='cbMcruiser']I probably wouldn't as this cruise is one where you seem to be off the ship a whole lot more than you are on. On our cruise(2/23) it seemed like all of Canada had aft balconies, based upon the numerous flags draped and hung back there. It was pretty cool looking.[/QUOTE] Yes, there was about 10 of us that had aft balconies on the Feb 23/14 sailing it was cool when we backed into port and walking to the ship, seeing all the flags! I only used the lounger a few times, there really wasn't a lot of time to just lounge around, since the itinerary was so busy.
  2. Great review! I just got back from the Valor on Sunday and miss it already!!!
  3. I got home from my cruise yesterday, Carnival Valor ( had a fabolous time!). I checked my credit card while I was away and I saw that Carnival had placed their hold of $200 on my credit card. When I checked my card this morning, that amount has been removed and there is only a charge of $6.00 and change. When will the my card be processed?
  4. Yes it is still there - I just had some last week. It was good!
  5. I'm leaving on Friday for Sunday's cruise, so hope to read some more of your cruise!! Thanks for sharing!
  6. jen1016

    Just off the Valor

    Awesome thanks! There might be 5 of us ... but not quite sure. I am travelling with a big group. I cannot wait!! Hope to see some more pics from you soon :)! Jen
  7. jen1016

    Just off the Valor

    I wonder if it would be possible to get a taxi to go see Timothy Hill and then be back to the ship for 1:00, as we booked the snorkel / catamaran tour. Do you think we would have enough time for that? I know you said you paid $80 for the cab for the day, any idea how much it would be just for that drive? Thanks, Jen
  8. jen1016

    Just off the Valor

    I am sailing on the Valor this coming Sunday .. can't wait!!
  9. jen1016

    Carnival Valor Funtimes

    I have seen a few Valor reviews - GaPearl does a great review ... mind you the few I have read, haven't been all that recent. I leave in 7 days .. can't wait!!
  10. jen1016

    Does Valor still have the free sushi bar?

    Following - I am sailing on the Valor next week ( Feb 23) and wondering the same thing!!
  11. jen1016

    Nutrional Information - Frozen Drinks

    Thanks ... I have had tried a few things here at home, with more sugar in it and so far, I have done okay. But, I am sure it's not something I want to test on the ship!! I am going to try drink here at home this weekend and see how that goes ... and perhaps will just stick with rum and some crystal light or something like that, if I want to have something!
  12. jen1016

    Nutrional Information - Frozen Drinks

    Thanks for everyone's responses! I wasn't sure how the frozen drinks were made, if it was a mix or some kind of fruit juices etc. I will definitely stay away :)
  13. jen1016

    Nutrional Information - Frozen Drinks

    Thanks. I did google it and check out recipes, so they do seem quite high in calories. I may just have to get one of my friend's to order one and have a few sips of theirs! LOL
  14. I know this is going to seem like a crazy question, but does anyone know where I can find the nutritional information on the frozen drinks served on the ships? I had gastric bypass surgery a few months ago and I am prepared for eating and what my choices will be for the week, but I am trying to decide if I want to try having a virgin frozen drink, like a Miami Vice or something like that. Thanks, Jen
  15. Is there a store near the port that we can pick up some wine?