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  1. I have to cancel my 12 day cruise on Celebrity unfortunately I did not release I booked a non refundable deposit $950 but I was made aware I can change at time of cancelling to another date my question is since I am canceling a 12 day can I apply the remaining deposit to any length cruise or will it have to be comparable to what Im canceling, basically due to unforeseen expenses I would like to downgrade to a less expensive cruise thus why I have to cancel…. Please help with info
  2. I hope someone can help, I recently booked a celebrity 12 days cruise, with cruises only Apparently I booked a non refundable deposit if I cancel ( which I do) I wasnt aware thsts the rate I chose. The deposit was 950.00!! From what I am reading I can change to another cruise and pay 100pp per person, my question is does it have to be a 12 day cruise or can I apply the deposit to any other Celebrity cruise losing 200 is better then losing 950 I am hoping they will allow be to book like a 6-7 day cruise later on perhaps even in 2025? Any info would be greatly appreciated TIA !
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