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  1. The OP was looking for a photo of Legend cabins (they have already stayed in an inside on the Freedom.) Seems like there ought to be someone out there with a photo of an OV cabin on the Legend!! :confused:
  2. Yes...there is quite a difference in the size of the inside cabins and the oceanview cabins. We were in an inside cabin in July and it was pretty tiny. As we would walk down the hallway, I would peak into some of the window cabins if their doors were open. I believe that the OV cabins are 220 sq. ft. compared to the inside at 185 sq. ft. The OV cabins had enough room for a couch...the inside cabin only had one chair at the desk...and it was tight. Here are a couple of photos of our cabin: For three people I think you would be more comfortable in one of the OV cabins.
  3. I'm enjoying your review so much...thanks for taking time to include the pictures. Four years ago my friend and I did a tour with Victor Bodden while our husbands were diving. I think it was the highlight of the whole week for both of us. We are both teachers and Victor took us to a school...I think that was probably the first time someone had requested that. Now I see he advertises a school visit as a possibility for a tour! The photo of the classroom on his website is actually one I took the day we were there! I'm sorry we didn't get to go to his house. He did talk a lot about his family, but just don't think he took people to his home at that point. I would have loved to hold those darling monkeys! I'm so glad that Victors business has grown the way it has...you couldn't find a nicer person in my opinion!
  4. Thanks for the response. Do you reserve this onboard or once you get to the island? I assume the regular chairs are free?
  5. How many clamshells are available on Half Moon Cay...just wondering how difficult it is to get one. Is any other shade available on the beach to escape the hot sun?
  6. Anyone else ever knock those dispensers off the wall? Not sure if they weren't hooked on tight or what, but on my last cruise I dumped that thing on the floor several times during the week. I'm not that big or that clumsy (or at least don't think I am), but I sure struggled in the shower that week!:confused:
  7. After doing 3 cruises we did an AI in the Riviera Maya last summer. Advantages of each: Resort: More relaxing Less crowded feeling Easier to plan since you don't have to have tours lined up at each port Got to experience the area, rather than a quick tour from the ship Only spent $ on one tour during the week Drinks included Bigger rooms Staff at the resort felt like family by the end of the week Packed much less since we didn't need any formal clothes...we lived in shorts & swimsuits all week (resort was very casual) Cruise: Better food Better entertainment Comfortable beds (Mexican beds are rock hard) Got to experience several different ports & cultures Love being rocked to sleep at night Enjoyed getting to dress up (even though packing was not fun) The AI week was just slightly less than the cost of our last cruise. If we were drinkers and ran up a big bar tab this difference would be even greater. Both trips were taken in June so "high season" vs. "low season" was not an issue. Land based vacations can vary greatly in costs just like cruises so it is hard to actually compare the two. Either way, especially if I am taking my kids (20-somethings), I like being able to pay for a vacation up front and then not worrying about how much every little thing costs. I would spend a fortune trying to fill up my youngest son if we were eating at restaurants. It was so nice on a cruise to know that he could eat all day and night (which he did!) and the cost was the same!
  8. Yeah...that sounds pretty much like what my DH experienceed. He was just STANDING on the beach for about 10 minutes between dives and wouldn't have thought to put on any bug spray. I loved the island and DH said the diving was the best of anyplace he had been so we would love to go back. BUT...if I am going to spend my week on a beach I don't want to worry about being eaten by insects. :(
  9. I'm enjoying your review...thanks for taking time to share! Just wondering if you had any issues with sand flea bites while you were on the beach in Roatan? We've been there once on a cruise and have discussed going back for a week (DH is a diver). When we were there last time DH came back covered with bites after only being on the beach for a short time before his dive. He did his dives at Bay Island Beach Resort.
  10. We had a balcony cabin on the Victory in August. Balcony cabins have slightly less space than an OV so the sofas are more "love seat" size. (Ocean view cabins have full size couches.) We had three people in a double cabin and the steward made the sofa into a bed the first night for my sister, Even though she is only 5 feet tall, the sofa was still too short. After that we had to resort to using a roll away bed which was a pain in the neck. A child might be able to sleep on the sofa, but not an adult. Even folded up during the day, the roll away bed took up a lot of space. During the night, there was almost no floor space left when the bed was folded out. We even had to put the small table up on top of the couch to have room for the roll away bed at night. We booked an ocean view guarantee and were upgraded to the balcony. We were thrilled to have the balcony, but not so excited about dealing with that bed!
  11. After reading through the 100+ posts I think I can add a new item to this list: Don't put your Sail & Sign card into a purse with a magnetic clasp. Friend did this on the cruise in June and then couldn't get into her cabin. Turns out the magnet on the purse "de-magnetized" the strip on the card. The lady at the purser's desk said it happens frequently! Luckily it only took them a short time to fix the problem. One slightly related "don't do" from the same friend. Don't leave your Sail & Sign card in your cabin when you just step next door for a minute. She ran over to my cabin to see what time I would be ready to go and locked herself out of her room. Our hubbies were scuba diving and not expected back for a long time so she had to use the phone in my cabin to call for help. It took a quite awhile for someone to show up and when they did, they let her into the cabin with no questions asked. :eek: Made me wonder how easy it might be to get into someone's cabin for dishonest reasons!
  12. We booked our shore dive through Abanks Dive Center using the link through Island Marketing http://grandcaymancruiseexcursions.com/AbanksDiveCenter.htm. Since I was not certified, I had to book a beginner's dive and use the divemaster. The cost of the dive was $75 and included all of the equipment. DH is certified and used his own equipment except for renting tanks & weights. I think his cost was around $15. There are lockers to rent also. We had to put a 20% downpayment down on the dive when we booked online. There was a mix-up when we got to Abanks Dive Center. They told us they had no record of our reservation and wanted us to pay the full cost. Stupid me had left the email confirmation back on the ship so had no proof that we had paid. Finally the guy agreed to call Island Marketing and was then able to confirm our reservation. It "might" be possible to just arrange for a dive when you get to Abanks rather than booking ahead if you aren't sure of your plans. As mentioned previously, they are just a short walk from the cruise ship tender dock. (Unless you are carrying heavy, wet scuba equipment then it seems much further! :eek: ) On the other hand, reserving a spot would mean you wouldn't have to worry...Grand Cayman can get pretty busy when there are a lot ships in port at one time.
  13. I would "second this comment" except I don't want word to get out about how great it is! DH and I did a shore dive here this summer and saw all sorts of fish. Divemaster took along some bait and enticed a moray eel and also a LARGE nurse shark to come out for a sample! One large fish (at least a couple feet long) followed us during the whole dive just like a little puppy. We would have to push him aside cause he wanted to be so close! :)
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