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  1. Try the bar - the Casino bar. Sometimes they sell single packs.
  2. Exactly. Not sure why some people (on other threads) have cancelled or threatened to cancel trips because ***** isn't ready. Royal has the wristbands - I stopped wearing it and used the card key because I didn't like it on my wrist; it also didn't seem to work on some of the slot machines. Maybe I'm missing something but I don't see a lot of difference for the passenger between a medallion and a "card".
  3. You set up a pin number and you can download money to the card. That money is charged to your room. I do it all the time.
  4. What? It's exactly the same concept. And I was able to download money on the Seapass card - I can't remember if I tried it with the wrist band thingy
  5. Or whatever they are calling that "watch" thingy - it's the same concept as medallion. That watch thing didn't seem to work at some slot machines.
  6. It's all medallion now. Isn't it the same as the seapass where you can download money? It must be. Then go to the table and get chips.
  7. So why not get chips at the table, not play, get up and walk over to the cashier and exchange the chips for cash? Or, can't you just put your card in a slot machine, download the equivalent of the onboard cash as a room charge, don't play, take out the card, walk over to the cashier, hand then the card and get the cash for what's on the card?
  8. Your problem is with the cruise line and not the smokers. The smokers are abiding by the rules - you appear to want to change those rules.
  9. If they are in the designated smoking area then they are not violating any policy. Perhaps you shouldn't walk through designated smoking areas.
  10. Hahaha - well I would bet that they don't and I would double down that the cruise line won't tell a smoker in a designated smoking area who is not gambling that they must walk outside.
  11. So if somebody is playing at a table within the smoking area and decides to take a break from gambling, then they must sit at the table if they want to smoke? That doesn't make sense.
  12. I don't know that I believe that. That's certainly tough to enforce. If somebody is smoking while playing a slot machine, for example, and their friend is standing in back of them (within the designated smoking area) watching, you're saying that only the person hitting the button on the machine is allowed to smoke, according to Royal.
  13. If smoking is allowed in designated areas and people are smoking within those designated areas then they aren't in violation of anything. I didn't see any policy that says you must be gambling to smoke in the designated smoking areas of the Casino. Maybe those people are taking a break from gambling.
  14. So you are complaining about people smoking in a designated smoking area because you want to walk through that area to get to someplace else?
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