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  1. Right! So if I bought 10 days ago at $35 and it's $25 today then I didn't lose $1,000? Ok.
  2. Right - down more than $2 right now - glad that I didn't buy at $33-$35 - still waiting on the sideline to avoid losing money.
  3. Well, it's $600 now - remember that I saved $500 already by not buying Monday. So, I'll buy an ounce of Marijuana and a nice steak dinner at Peter Luger's. The next day I'll call Princess and get the lower fare. (This post will disappear within five minutes because, apparently, only certain people are allowed to post)
  4. Except that at this moment I've saved another $100 from Monday on 100 shares.
  5. But that's not true. If I buy 100 shares at $33 per share and it goes down to $28 three days later, that $500 difference would now buy me another 17 or 18 shares - or i would have saved $500 by waiting three days.
  6. I hear you - and my life situation is similar to yours; albeit maybe 10 years closer to retirement date than yours. I too have been following the stock and was waiting for $35 per share, then $33 - I kept holding off. And now I'm waiting for the bottom. However, this won't be part of my 401k. And, for the moment, our next cruise isn't until November so I have time to watch it dip. Enjoy your cruise man.
  7. Except that it cost you $500 to get the $250 OBC. The stock has dropped approx $5.00 a share since Monday. But I guess as long as you are good with it . . .
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