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  1. Just got an email that our 10/8 Oasis sailing will be visiting Nassau instead of St. Martin. That's ok, we'll still be on a cruise. Looking forward to getting back to St. Martin as soon as possible. I wonder how they decide Nassau/St Kitts. The previous week the reroute is St. Kitts.
  2. It will be what you want it to be. Go with a smile and a great attitude and you won't be disappointed. I really think you have to try to have a bad time on a cruise! And I say that as someone who isn't shy about complaining when things aren't as they should be.;) DH and I just returned from a 5 day Vision sailing (31 May from FLL) I can't speak to the dietary needs, although if you contact them in advance I'll bet they'll do their best. We had excellent service in the MDR/ MTD (Mr. Rolston) and from the bar staff (especially Christian). No problem getting bar service on sea days at our lounges, either. Our cabin steward was great as well (Mr. Ashton, JS, deck 8 aft 8590). No complaints about service. The only thing I found lacking was the Windjammer. It wasn't as good as the other ships. Our most recent cruise before that one was Enchantment in March and the Windjammer was better. The food line seemed cramped and crowded, main entrees were uninspiring, and the service was so-so. Giovanni's was the highlight meal of our cruise. Actually ended up there twice because the one night we planned for the Windjammer we walked out after checking out what was offered. Giovanni's took us right in without a reservation. That said, I'm taking my DD (24) on a mother/daughter cruise on Vision on the June 19th sailing. So when I left the ship, I could say, "see you in 2 weeks!" Made the leaving a little easier :D Hope this helps reassure you! Enjoy!
  3. Here's a link for future reference to know what's on what ship. http://www.creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/General_Info/Flyers/12028421_Revit_QuickReference_Guide.pdf
  4. Any chance that older gentleman's name was Harv? We had a guy like that at our dinner table one cruise. LOVED the flowrider, rode it constantly. He lived in Miami, and cruised just for that purpose.
  5. Yes! A friend on board was drinking them in the Oasis Diamond Lounge back in November.
  6. I couldn't agree more about the Oasis Diamond Concierge. We also attended the Blaze cocktail hour every night, and were completely ignored. She was there some of the time, but always paying attention to the same few people and ignoring the rest. On other ships they have always made it a point to circulate among the guests, and sometimes to leave a message on the cabin voicemail letting us know about the next day's events. Nothing from Ms. Fernandez but the first day letter in the room. Disappointing.
  7. Anne, could you elaborate on the part you mentioned about casino smoke? One of the things we love about Celebrity is that the casinos are non-smoking! Has that changed? If it hasn't changed, where was the smoke smell coming from? Looking forward to our 2nd cruise on Reflection this April, and don't want to be disappointed. Loved it last year!
  8. It seems that something has changed, or I'm missing something (possible!) Just did a test booking for the Indy on 12 April 2014. Tried it WITHOUT entering a C & A number (for the discount) and just looked at the Resident Rate. The Resident rate for a D! was $1394. Went back and entered my C & A number, and the rate changed to $1294. Only $100 discount! According to the (old?) chart, it should be $200, like it's been on previous cruises. What's up with that? Is this additional discount? Or, has something been taken away with the new booking "upgrade"?
  9. Hey! We're in this pic! The guy center right with the sleeveless shirt with the shark on the back and the girl to his left with the gray striped skirt! This was so much fun! A great event!:D The best part was the dance everyone did to tell the captain to sound the horn.
  10. We were also on this cruise, and in the D lounge in Blaze. Looking forward to reading your review!
  11. I'm Diamond on Royal, but I've sailed on both ships and I much preferred Reflection. Much better service, much better atmosphere. Allure is like a floating amusement park and you definitely feel the crowds. Also, they have problems with climate control. It was one of those bucket list things, but I would not go back on Allure (or Oasis, either). Reflection is fun, classy, and you feel like you're on a ship. Plenty to do and see. Two totally different experiences.
  12. FYI Warning....Budget has not fixed this issue, either. The same thing happened to us in December, 2012 at the 17th street pier location. Terrible!
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