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  1. Odd that your TA can't process the refund... "Trying all they can do"?? What exactly is their explanation for the long delay? Even though you booked through a TA, I would call RCI and escalate your billing/refund issue. If you have a serious issue with your booking and the TA is not responding, or not taking care of the issue in a timely manner, etc. then RCI should take action on your behalf. The TA may own the booking, but RCI should be able to do something for you and take responsibility for their agent.


    Calling Customer Service, and a rep seeing that you booked with a TA, they may very well quickly dismiss the situation, with the rep telling you they can't touch it. Ask for their supervisor and explain your refund issue to them, or bring it to the attention of the Resolutions department.


    Here is contact info:

    Guests from Australia can contact us at their local office:


    Australia (Sydney Office)


    Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

    • Tel: 61 (2) 433 15400

    • Fax: 61 (2) 432 20326

    • Pre-Cruise Inquiries:


    • Post-Cruise Comments

    and Questions:



    Good luck chester 32, please let us know if you have success.

    Got a call from the TA today I was told there had been a system error with RCI and the refund is now being processed and will take 2 weeks???

    That will make a total of 9 weeks waiting needless to say I have had enough

    I rang RCI again same thing have to go through TA

    I sent an email to RCI president Adam Goldstein 5 days ago no reply

    I sent an email to Crown & Anchor 2 weeks ago no reply

    tried to ring RCI Miami base same thing talk to your TA

    So RCI you can go and get you know what

    Never cruise with you again

    If I hadn't made final payment on the solstice cruise you know what you could do

  2. Do you have a consumer advocate for travel problems in Australia??


    I would try them & see if they can help

    We have Fair trading not sure if than help with this but if it is my last resort I will try them

    As we paid via Bpay no joy with credit card company (we transferred money from credit card to pay via Bpay )

    Thanks anyway

  3. Still waiting for refund on deposit paid (1200.00) over 7 weeks now on cancelled voyager cruise ?

    have rang the TA countless times same story, trying all they can do?

    I rang RCI but they wont say anything because it was booked through a TA

    I just don't know what to

    We have since made final payment on an another cruise with celebrity, but still trying to get the $1200.00 owing so I can clear it of credit card anybody had this problem before:(

  4. We booked and paid an $800 deposit of a cruise out of Sydney in April 2014.


    I recently had a email saying that the 123 GO Promo was available and thought I would be able to take advantage of this by having added to my existing booking. I indicated I would be happy to pay the difference between my fare and the new fare (approx $200).


    I have seen many times on this forum that this has been done. I emailed my TA who said it will only apply to new bookings and Celebrity wouldn't budge.


    I am annoyed and feel that we are being penalised for booking early. If I wouldnt loose all of my $800 deposit I would cancel by booking.


    It seems that different rules apply to each country. :mad:



    Jay (Australia)

    Had the same thing for a cruise in feb next year which we booked early October i asked about the 123 promo and got the same answer its in Australia so not going to happen?

    Then when I asked about my 1200.00 deposit refund from a cancelled cruise which I have now been waiting for 6 weeks it was basically we are looking into it Well thank you RCI

  5. I took this photo of a Western Australia sunrise from our porthole on Deck 4 one morning.


    I would go up to deck 5 most mornings of our last week on-board for a sunrise photo only to be disappointed. The best morning apparantly was the morning after Mum injured herself so I missed it.


    Anyway, this wasn't too bad. Very red!



    Hi Gae Have enjoyed reading your review and love the pics we will be doing a similar cruise next year . But forgive my ignorance but did you mean sunrise or sunset, but anyway thanks for the review:)

  6. Thanks for your reply's I did think it was taking a bit long also when we cancelled the voyager cruise it was because we booked a different cruise which we liked better and it is with celebrity so I foolishly thought the deposit could just be transferred over and it was still through the same TA so I just don't understand the delay

  7. Does anyone know how long it takes to get a deposit refund

    We cancelled a trip on voyager for next year and we are entitled to a full refund that was 6 weeks ago still waiting checked with the TA a few times and they tell me they are chasing it, is this a normal waiting period?


  8. I have been reading the post about the new levels and such

    But I just cant get my head around all the whining I thought people booked a cruise to have a nice relaxing break but you people who are stressing out that you are no longer king pin and you deserve more? please give me a break

    At the end of the day if you don't like it you know what you can do

    and by the way I am select and have never been on celebrity its only because of RCI and booked next cruise with celebrity because of the itinerary I could have stayed with RCI and would have diamond after that but I don't really care I just cruise for the experience and itinerary so just enjoy cruising and stop worrying what perks you can get, you just might like it:)

  9. Have any of you recently had a problem trying to register for the Celebrity Connections party (Meet and Mingle) ?? could not get registered at all.


    I see there is a sticky above concerning this.


    Please let me know when it is resolved. Thanks!!

    Had the same problem finally sent an email to captains club and within 2 days they had registered us for the connections party

  10. :)

    I suggest that you drink for one full sea day, and evaluate whether you would be better off getting a package or not.:D

    Hi MicCanberra

    Is it possible to do this, as we cant decide if it is worth while getting the drinks package By the way what happened to your picture in the tux ,your last cruise must have been too relaxing:)

  11. Thanks Chester,

    I went the Already Booked route and I did get in to my reservation but when I went to view shore excursions it took me to the page but I could go no farther. It would not let me view any available excursions or details about them. Oh well, at least I can see my reservation, the price is correct and I still have my beverage package.

    What I did is on the home page click Already Booked (don't log in just yet).Click explore Shore Excursions. Scroll down click Shore excursions , LOG IN (username/password) click shore excursions under Manage Reservation that should bring to a page with everything just click on what you want at the top of the page.

    Hope this works for you

  12. Loved your review haven't seen all of it yet ,we did NZ in 09 on rhapsody and loved seeing your pics of the sounds (lost most of ours when computer decided it had enough) . But if I could ask you about Singapore we will be going there next march from perth on voyager and will stay in Singapore for three nites but I am confused as the best area to stay for a short period have looked at marine bay , Clarke quay and orchid we would prefer to walk instead of cabs or trains if you can help that would be great , once again loved your review


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