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  1. If you don't gamble how do you get invited back on cruises? There is no way I can afford 3 cruises a month if I had to pay for them out of pocket. I get comped through casino for free cruises across almost every cruise line, you need to up your casino game if you want to cruise free and save money.
  2. This can't be further from the truth..the casino on a cruise has an incentive to pay out HIGHER to keep you coming back crusing. If they had lower than Vegas ods people would never visit the casino, cruise casinos are pretty generous as they have a revenue sharing agreement with the cruise line so more people cruise = more profits from the cruise line as a payout, this is on top of casino earnings. Casinos are incentivized to keep you coming back on cruises, and feeling happy. Thus many casinos on cruises are constantly packed, a lots of people join their loyalty programs because casinos are so popular due to winnings on cruises, don't be fooled by propaganda that odds on cruises are less.
  3. This is incorrect, I get FREE balcony cabins year round from my comp play. PRINCESS sends out a brochure where you select up to 3 sailings to go on, all free no need to pay for cruise upfront. Only $200 booking fee which is refunded as OBC. This is incredibly generous for someone like me who is unemployed and is living ship to ship, I absolutely love the casino comp program.
  4. Absolutely, I been telling people its a huge mistake to pay for a gift card as they cant be used for Casino cash, so its not like cash its just a gift card. To commit to such a huge value as $500 in cruise spending is nonsense how many people actually spend $500 during their cruise? How bad are people with money managment to allow them selves to not only spend that much but actually buy gift cards.. my God horrific.
  5. You are getting far ahead of your self, SYNCROS is widely used by land based properties, cruiseships are not yet clients of this casino management tool. For optimum money churn you should always always be playing tables. It helps of course that I know 90% of the casino pit bosses personally by now after years of comp sailing, they polish up my playthrough rates in exchange I bring them customers, friends and promote the casino while I am walking around the ship. See true power lies with the pit boss because they decide and they keep track of who played how much and for how long, its a rudimentary archaic system that allows for personal exploitation you see. If I put down $1000 on craps but only play $50 on passline for an hour, its not uncommon for the playthrough to be recorded at 300 or 400% higher by the pit boss then I actually played because I know them and we got each other's back and casinos on ships have 0 way to verify individual level table games unless something is clearly off but I fly under the radar. Remember who you talking to, a legend in the casino comp community.
  6. Casinos reward you for "churned money" or playthrough. I am sure you heard of credit card "churners" right? Well what is less talked about are the "casino churners", a small but knowledgeable group of people who are using MS "manufactured spending" techniques in the casino to generate high play through to qualify for points. I myself am one of these people, I am fortunate to be able to be a prime member at the YourComped club and have been sailing free around the world on major cruise lines all compliments of the Casino. Matter of fact, I am going on a 12 day Hawaii cruise in December with Princess, all paid for by Princess. The casino doesn't discriminate between legitimate players and those who churn play through dollars, they aren't that sophisticated, so my free bonuses and comps keep coming. I consider my self one of the cleverest and most successful cruisers on the planet thank you very much.
  7. Well I go on FREE cruises comped by the casino. I haven't had to pay for a cruise since a few years back. See the real pros and expert cruisers don't pay for things like "run of the mill tourist" oh no, we get VIP service from the casino and get our cruises, drinks and credits COMPED. I spend my time in the casino grinding away making money, cruising is how I pass time and casino is how I pay the bills.
  8. My point is that just because you can afford to spend $500 on a gift card, doesn't mean you should and in most cases with any type of gift card its a waste. Gift cards have been economically studied for years and have been proven to time and time again benefit the corporation not the user. Unless your cruise is next week you most definately should NOT be buying gift cards. Any other decision will shine light on your poor money management and financially savvy mindset, yes I am calling those out who are foolish enough to partake in this ridiculous promotion.
  9. For a lot of people they bring and start with $500 cash first day and then slowly spin that over the cruise length by grinding the single deck BJ, waiting out a hot craps roll by lingering at a table sometimes for hours to get in at the right time, or waiting for a good roulette sequence. For many cruise passengers they end up paying the cost of their on board spending and sometimes even the trip it self via casino winnings. If you are struggling to cover your costs and not winning consistently at a casino (which has better odds by the way than land based casinos for reasons i can get into later if desired) then may i suggest investing into some books or articles on casino strategy.
  10. How can people justify spending $500+ during a pandemic and so much uncertainty? You have 0 clue what will happen to you physically, emotionally or mentally months from now.. there could be work restrictions, family restrictions, government restrictions, more outbreaks, unexpected delays, cancelations. No one is that well off financially to be able to gamble with $500, many of us are barely scrapping by after the blow to the economy from cv19. And if by chance your gift card can be salvaged due to a cancelation you are then stuck to find another Princess cruise, locked as a trapped customer. Can you see its a massive cash grab by Princess to help fuel the recovery and its the cruise passengers often noted for their easy tourist dollars and poor financial intelligence who are lining up to bolster Princess treasury, wake up people.
  11. Well for someone who spent 50 mins explaining why a cruise to Hawaii is almost always better than a land trip the TA was extremely passionate about it. If he had that many points to bring up and dedicated 50 mins to the conversation he basically made him self the authority on the topic and thus I responded with a forum post to let others know that a land vacation to Hawaii doesn't come close to what a cruise 🛳 offers based on his points. I am hyped and stocked.
  12. The travel agent who pushed this cruise on us spent about 45 to 50 minutes going over the reasons why a "sea Hawaii" is the way to go. All the points that were presented to us i wrote in this forum. If we bought into them I am certain most people on this forum would as well, the travel agent is a industry professional they had our best interest at heart I felt.
  13. The #1 cruise most likely to go is the inner USA cruise- the December 2021 San Francisco to Hawaii 15 day Princess voyage is a slam dunk. I am willing to make a bet with anyone who wants to put money on this particular voyage moving ahead comment below.
  14. Land vacations to Hawaii don't compare to the sea trips, most travel experts would agree a cruise to Hawaii is the way to truly visit the islands. Several reasons explain why: 1) there is a reason why a Hawaii cruise is the most expensive cruise you can take, its literally the prestige voyage and many cruise lines put their best chefs, crews and entertainment activities for this itinerary making the trip extremely fun 2) Hawaii is known for its exotic air, purifying air.. this air is best felt from the wast expenses of the ocean vs being on land where its diluted by pollution from commercial activities 3) the true beauty of Hawaii is to admire the islands and nature from a view of a post card, cruising between islands is paradise as you get to admire the beauty of Hawaii from ever stepping on land. True travel experts would tell you that Hawaii is really not recommended for trip base visits- it rains a lot, it's expensive, hotels don't have all inclusive factors, beaches can get wavy and scary to drive due to the exotic feel of the island. For these and many other reasons sea vacation to Hawaii is the way to go. 4) a cruise allows you to see several islands on one go, land vacation would require you to island hop which is very expensive and logistically draining. Absolutely sea is the best way to visit Hawaii , anyone who is telling you land based is better is kidding them selves. 5) you get to enjoy the splendid food of the cruise and accommodations at a fraction of the price of a land based trip but all the while enjoying the same view same air same beauty and same great Aloha feeling.. its a steal of a deal absolutely sea way is the best way. 6) by taking a cruise you are avoiding the expensive air trip to Hawaii so you get there for free essentially with a cruise! Any questions please ask me as I am taking my first trip to Hawaii this December 2021 on a cruise with Princess and i wouldn't have it any other way.
  15. Thank you, quite an insightful depiction and take on the world of gambling for the average Joe, I appreciate the response and the time you took to write it. I have no arguments against it, I accept the statements.
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