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  1. Well for someone who spent 50 mins explaining why a cruise to Hawaii is almost always better than a land trip the TA was extremely passionate about it. If he had that many points to bring up and dedicated 50 mins to the conversation he basically made him self the authority on the topic and thus I responded with a forum post to let others know that a land vacation to Hawaii doesn't come close to what a cruise 🛳 offers based on his points. I am hyped and stocked.
  2. The travel agent who pushed this cruise on us spent about 45 to 50 minutes going over the reasons why a "sea Hawaii" is the way to go. All the points that were presented to us i wrote in this forum. If we bought into them I am certain most people on this forum would as well, the travel agent is a industry professional they had our best interest at heart I felt.
  3. The #1 cruise most likely to go is the inner USA cruise- the December 2021 San Francisco to Hawaii 15 day Princess voyage is a slam dunk. I am willing to make a bet with anyone who wants to put money on this particular voyage moving ahead comment below.
  4. Land vacations to Hawaii don't compare to the sea trips, most travel experts would agree a cruise to Hawaii is the way to truly visit the islands. Several reasons explain why: 1) there is a reason why a Hawaii cruise is the most expensive cruise you can take, its literally the prestige voyage and many cruise lines put their best chefs, crews and entertainment activities for this itinerary making the trip extremely fun 2) Hawaii is known for its exotic air, purifying air.. this air is best felt from the wast expenses of the ocean vs being on land where its diluted
  5. Thank you, quite an insightful depiction and take on the world of gambling for the average Joe, I appreciate the response and the time you took to write it. I have no arguments against it, I accept the statements.
  6. Damn, this made me laugh, its so good. Just truly one of the most refreshing boards on this whole site, never a dull moment I always smile when I type and reply to people, its great fun.
  7. If this was true how do you explain the all inclusive prices direction and my marketing data post to support this?
  8. You kidding right? Casinos make money from the other add on features they sell: hotel rooms, restaurants, entertainment shows, private events.. the actual gaming floor is where we make money, if you ever been to a casino go to a craps table. You won't believe how many laughing happy people you'll see all racking it in, ever been on a hot craps ride?
  9. Finally, some appreciation around here. You are very welcome, thank you, finally. I will produce some other interesting content as I obtain it.
  10. I dont believe it, i been gambling for years and I havent been a loser. I think most people I talked to were happy with their casino experience and none complained about losing money. Most people I know come out even or a little on top. Sure you have the occasional dip when you blow $100 on slots a day and dont recoup, but majority of the time people win. If no one won no one would go to the casino, if people just lost the value of entertainment isnt enough to lure them back, only if people win will they go back. Thus casinos offer people a chance to make real money, pretty fast to
  11. Haha old man, you make me laugh. You watch too many movies, you are just envious and jealous I get to go on 3 free cruises while you sit at home and sulk. Go ahead pay top dollar for your ships while I sail free and happy. Feels great. Also dont tell me about smart money, you arent an executive, you arent a business owner you dont work in marketing like I do. So you cant say what is a good deal and what is not, I am telling you right now comping people to go on cruises they would go on anyway is a bad move. And I am seeing these actions on their way OUT. Do you understand? The era of c
  12. Please ignore all CV19 related stats, these are just outliners and blimps. The reality is that alcohol consumption is going down, and even if a slight increase due to CV19 happened it has 0 effect on the cruise industry. We know people are aiming for healthier life styles, I just revealed a huge leak in the case why Celebrity is going "all inclusive" due to the revolutionary new study that alcohol is going down thus they plan on seeing less alcohol bought to justify " all inclusive" offerings. I want people to praise my leak, because among the posters here I am the only one consistentl
  13. As someone who works in the marketing field in the cruise industry, I will share one key research point we discovered: Less and less people are drinking alcohol in the United States and in general around the world. As humanity slowly embraces new environmental and healthy life styles the consumption of alcohol per capita is going down. Cruise ship marketing experts like my self are very well aware of this fact and our recommendations to cruise line are reflecting the changes you see in Celebrity for example. Celebrity is smart to offer "all inclusive" packages because they know consum
  14. Actually the most coveted vacations to Hawaii are water based not land based. Being on a cruise/yacht or boat sailing around Hawaii is seen as the best way to spend your time there. Hawaii special air and sea breeze has been known for its medical health benefits - did you know Hawaii is one of only 2 states that has never reached over 100 degrees in temperature? This perfectly moderate climate is ideal air to breathe while on the open seas. Also, Hawaii land based activities are not as fun as people think- it rains a lot, the cities are busy with locals, its basically a series of
  15. I dont think you understand what I am saying, i am saying not just for me but for anyone these types of offers will soon be ending. The casino executives and marketing people will quickly learn that these offers dont work, its a huge investment for little return. I just explained why - to give our 15 day cruises at a value of 6k and expect people to give you a positive ROI is wishful thinking. I been on many cruises, very few people have bankrolls of over 5000$ on casinos - and even those who do will not lose all their money rather they play through it. Play through is not the same as loss, th
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