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  1. [quote name='Toto2Kansas']The typed word can sometimes be misinturpted. I was not meaning to demean anyone who takes 7 day cruises. Heck, we have taken lots of them in the past, and have also sailed on 7 day sailing on the CB three times now. What the reference to it was for, was to explain that taking longer cruises means a lot more detailed review which some of us aren't interested in doing. And many on CC that have taken all these cruises more often than not take longer cruises. My apology Sandytoes, the way it was written did not come across as it was meant to. But I can understand how it sounded, unlike what it was meant to refer to. I was ticked off when I wrote that and it came out totally inappropriately. I think it's time for me to find that user CP section that has the ignore feature. It will keep me from typing too quickly to some and being misunderstood. (I have only had two other times that I needed to use it on this board in all these years, but the time has come once again I think). ;) Again, please except my apology to those who sail on 7 day cruises, it was not an insulting remark, just a remark that [B]I[/B] find a 7 day cruise easier to write a review for then a longer sailing. Before airfare took such a huge jump, we often would take a 7 day cruise. Anymore for us though, it just is not practical for the airfare investment. And we do have to make long range plans for being gone on longer voyages, it's not a simple procedure, but we find a way to do it. [/quote] No need to apology to me. I didn't take it personally.:p PS ~ you can ignore who you wish.:rolleyes: The main issue was that the OP wrote an review about his\her experience on the CB. His\her third post at that...;) and mentioned he didn't care about missing the ports. I as well. :)
  2. Sandytoes

    No Reservations Anytime for tables for Two

    [quote name='keg1']After our first night on board IF we enjoy the wait staff we ask the head waiter if we may have the same table/wait staff,etc. each evening at a 7:30 (or whenever). To date we've not had a problem. We just enjoy the table for 2 since we are still able to enjoy the evening without sitting at a a table for 8 for 2-3 hours.[/quote] We also had the same experience on previous cruises. No longer the case.
  3. [quote name='McCruiser33']Laura - Thanks for the review! What time were was everyone able to disembark? Hoping to make a noon flight out of JFK in a couple weeks. Eeek![/quote] Express walkoff started at 8am 1/2 hr after the meeting time.
  4. [quote name='Toto2Kansas'][SIZE=3]Reveiws are not all that hard to write when you take a 7 day sailing. [/SIZE][B][COLOR=Red][SIZE=3]Ummmm, maybe not for you, but for a newbie, it might. You shouldn't demean others who can only take shorter cruise lengths and are excited about writing a review telling about there experiences.[/SIZE] [/COLOR][/B] I used to write one after each cruise and submit to CC or other cruise message boards. Many of us rarely take a 7 day cruise [B][COLOR=Red]Many?!?!?!? :cool:[/COLOR][/B] [B][COLOR=Red]Only if you've cruised before, then you know the longer the better. Or retired and have the time to take longer cruises. For those who are new to cruising or not retired as of yet, a 7 day cruise is perfect to get your feel of it.[/COLOR][/B] We also tend to sail on the same ships over and over again, and it is difficult for me to write a review of a ship I have sailed on previously. The 'new factor' isn't there and many seem to take for granted what the ship offers as they are used to it, I know I do.[/quote] Since I certainly sailed on the CB for the third time, and doing it again next year :D I choose not to do a huge review this year. Instead, I decided to add my own comments to those who have. I for one, enjoy reading other posters reviews. Some are quite interesting. :)
  5. Sandytoes

    No Reservations Anytime for tables for Two

    [quote name='O2B@Cagain']Sandytoes: On our first cruise we had Anytime and would stand in line. Some nights we would decide to sit with others at the first available table, some nights we waited for a table for two. Can you do this on the CB?[/quote] O2B@Cagain ~ Yes you can. The Maitre d' will ask you if you would like to share a table. You can accept or decline. Your choice.
  6. Sandytoes

    No Reservations Anytime for tables for Two

    [quote name='S.S.Oceanlover']I did check it out and it looked like it showed tables for 2 to me. I didn't see any table numbers though. [/quote] Bill Being the Island has more tables for 2 than the Coral I figured I upload a pic. We sat in section 250-260 which is right above the wording Island Dining Room In that area there were about 8 tables specifically for 2. Against the wall there were 3 more tables for 2. [IMG]http://i.travelpn.com.edgesuite.net/vgn/images/DECKOVER/850/8500001000006354_DECKOVER.gif[/IMG]
  7. Sandytoes

    No Reservations Anytime for tables for Two

    [quote name='S.S.Oceanlover']Thanks I'll check it out. I guess that was to obvious for me.:o Bill[/quote] Don't bother. Deck plans don't show tables of 2. Plus the layout is totally different.
  8. Sandytoes

    Is International Cafe Going To Be Free Now?

    [quote name='Brad1185']. the Intl cafe has been a big reason we cannot book with Princess. [/quote] Interesting that this is the main reason you choose not to cruise on Princess.
  9. [quote name='Ljberkow']I'm amazed that this was the first post in this thread about cruising during hurricane season. Many of us don't do it because of this risk. For those that take on the risk (and probably get cheaper prices for taking a cruise this time of year) and then complaining about it is pretty foolish.[/quote] I ALWAYS cruise in August. You can then say I am a risk taker.... :D Just to let you know, the fares are very expensive.:rolleyes: Prime Season! As for missing ports, only a handful of pax really complained. That was due to the fact that Carnival and RC continued their regular schedule itinerary. The CB was the only one that changed.
  10. [quote name='caribill']Yes they do plan. Probably had entertainers scheduled to board in the ports that had to be skipped. Usually in the Caribbean an entertained will stay on board a night or two and then switch to a different ship. If the port is missed, no switch.[/quote] During the first show the CD announced they were trying to get entertainers for our cruise. Sounded like they didn't have anyone lined up (employed). Unless they planned on missing the ports ahead of schedule :cool:..:rolleyes:..:confused:..:eek: Now, you have me thinking.
  11. JulesNJ Don't feel so bad, I also gained a few extra pounds. :o Worth every forkful...:D The food on this cruise was outstanding. We were slightly disappointed in missing the ports. Couldn't use my Coach 20% off coupon :( My DH was extremely happy!!! :cool: At Port Canaveral we just stayed on the ship. Lack of excursions. Tour desk had no information when we questioned the port. In Nassau we wanted to go to Paradise Beach, since we stayed there a long time ago and wanted to see the changes. Taxi driver dropped us off at Atlantis. :cool: We had to take this long walk through the hotel to find a beach where cruise passengers are accepted. We ended up on Cabbage Beach.
  12. Sandytoes

    Caribbean Princess diverted

    Our cruise canceled 2 ports and diverted us to Bahamas and Port Canaveral instead. During the Captains Cocktail party, The Captain thanked everyone for understanding of the situation. He went on, in a jokingly fashion, saying he might have to change the next cruise due to Hurricane Bill.
  13. Sandytoes


    I pack my own and use it up on deck, near the pool, if I can't find shade.
  14. MrE1111 I was on the 8\13th cruise. In the Thursday's 8\20 Patter (the day we should have been at sea) at 1:30 it states "after your day ashore, relax with a cocktail looking out over the beautiful views of St Thomas." We were in Port Canaveral :rolleyes: The lack of entertainers on board was uncalled for. Calling to get someone on board in the middle of a cruise was totally unacceptable. Don't they plan way in advance who the guests will be on a particular cruise?:confused:
  15. Sandytoes

    CB Review 8/13-8/22

    Hi Nettie I took a picture of the dining room on Embarkment day. [attachment=98836:name] The Maitre D' asked if we wanted a table, we kindly sad no and headed up to the Horizon. Glad we did, the lunch was Delicious. The only draw back about the Lemon Aide, you have to ask one of the servers to get it from the back. Not available near the self service beverage centers. To bad they didn't replace the beds during the drydock. The beds are well used and way past retirement. They definitely need to be replaced. The A\C on board was delightful. Only on the first night did I need a sweater. The other nights it was comfortable to walk around with sleeveless tops. Our stateroom was too cold at night. We needed to raise the temp to stay warm. The food in the main dining was superb. Everything was outstanding, especially the cold, smoothy soups. To die for!!!!! A little disappointed in the entertainment. In the beginning of the cruise they repeated the shows twice. No guests on aboard. :rolleyes: (Don't they plan these things ahead? ? :confused:) They had to get someone quick and they were hoping to have an entertainer by mid cruise. Which they did. The crew on the CB are extremely helpful, friendly, courteous, and eager to please. This was our 3rd CB cruise and looking forward to next year's CB cruise in July. :)